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Big Changes for Grasscity in 2019!

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We at Grasscity have an exciting announcement: your favorite online retailer for smoking accessories and cannabis lifestyle apparel has been acquired by High Tide Inc. – a great partner and rapidly growing Canadian cannabis company!  We are very energized to join forces, especially because of how it will ultimately benefit you, our loyal customers.  And for those of you who have always loved Grasscity and would like to participate in its growth as a major part of High Tide, the company is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the stock symbol “HITI”.

The New and Improved!

We are also excited to announce that over the next few months we will be expanding our shipping footprint in the US and Canada to ensure your packages arrive as quickly as possible. This is great news since we know that waiting for your amazing new rig to arrive can test a person’s patience!

We will now be able to focus more effort on providing quality and timely customer support in all North American time zones. Did that new piece arrive broken? You can now let us know instantly with the click of a mouse or swipe on your phone. Our customer service agents will respond quickly to address your needs and ensure that you walk away happy!

In early 2019 we will also be unveiling the new and improved website, which will feature not only more percs, but also perks such as customer loyalty programs and the latest technologies to modernize your shopping experience. Stay tuned!

Even More Products Than Before!

Now that we have combined with High Tide, we will be able to offer you a newer and better selection of products of the highest quality, as well as your favorite celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Cheech and Chong, Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob characters and the Trailer Park Boys. High Tide designs and manufactures over 3,000 smoking accessories and cannabis lifestyle products, including but not limited to its well-known Atomic, Evolution, Puff Puff Pass and Vodka brands, plus over 1,000 more!  By always shopping with us, you’ll be able to make your glass collection the best it has ever been. And remember, you will only be able to find some of these awesome brands here, so keep visiting the site to experience our expanding selection of products!

A Natural Fit

There is a reason why High Tide has chosen specifically to partner with When asked about the decision, Raj Grover, High Tide’s Founder, President and CEO, said:

Grasscity is an iconic company with nearly 20 years of invaluable brand equity in the cannabis industry. It is a natural fit with High Tide since our revenues come from the same product categories—bubblers, grinders, hand pipes, rolling papers, vaporizers, and water pipes.

Grasscity has always been dedicated to ensuring that the customer has the best shopping experience possible. High Tide’s strength is its manufacturing and wholesale accessories business, along with bricks-and-mortar retail locations across Canada. With the end customer now served all the way from the product design stage, combined with Grasscity’s strong brand its large presence on social media, our two businesses are ready to become the best company in the cannabis retail industry, with improvements that will benefit customers for years to come!