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The Best Ways to Get High On a Bud-Budget

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To determine the most efficient way you want to smoke, an individual might consider the type of weed they’re smoking, what they’re going to be doing for the day, and, most importantly, how much they have. Another subject of consideration that has been hotly debated for years would be the finding of the most efficient way to get the most high, while using the least amount of cannabis. After searching through the forums and utilizing personal experience, we have come up with this general guide to the most efficient ways of getting baked, so check it out!

Vaporizers (Most Efficient)

Vaporizers are known to be one of, if not the most efficient way to enjoy your cannabis. Not only does vaporizing your cannabis ensure you’re getting the THC the first time, by not utilizing combustion and burning your cannabis you will have the opportunity to use your already-vaped bud again, and soak out all the remaining THC. You can use what you have already vaped to smoke it a second time, or bake it into your edibles in the future. Another great thing about vaporizers, hand-held or table-top, is their ability vaporize not just bud, but waxes and oils as well, making it one of the most versatile pieces you can own to absorb THC.

Edibles (Fairly Efficient)

While edibles generally take more time and preparation than any other form of ingestion of cannabis, many people claim that the benefits of turning your bud into edibles to be well worth the wait. Not only is it true that consumed cannabis is likely to impact you stronger when ingested, it also removes many of the dangerous carcinogens that come with smoking, and you’ll never need to worry about catching every bit of smoke trailing off your pipe to ensure maximum THC absorption.

Glass (Less Efficient)

There are many different types of glass pipes and smoking apparatuses, and as such, there is a wide variety of how efficient they actually are. The bong, for example, is one of the most commonly utilized ways to smoke cannabis. Water-pipes are one of the oldest ways humans have been cooling down the smoke while inhaling in efforts to make the hits smoother. What most people don’t know, however, is just how inefficient bongs can be.

Glass bongs are intended to cool down the smoke and reduce the pain one would have from inhaling the smoke, however, the development and expansion of the water-pipe industry has led consumers to more commonly look for bongs that are capable of larger hits while still reducing the amount of pain experience. We have percolators to thank for such opportunities to clear an entire bowl with as minimal of unnecessary carcinogens, tar, and excess heat, as possible. This trend to gain the biggest hit possible however leads stoners to not realize exactly how much cannabis is being smoked per hit, and will likely hit it harder on a bong for longer.

Glass: Pipes

Pipes, on the other hand, are slightly more efficient at conserving cannabis, due to their smaller bowl-size and smaller hit capacity. This leads stoners to spend more time on each individual hit. There is also no risk of drowning the bowl, as there is in water-pipes, or cannabis falling through the down-stem into a water chamber.

Joints/Spliffs/Blunts (Least Efficient)

It doesn’t take an expert joint roller to tell you that joints easily take up the most amount of weed when looking at common ways to smoke. Not only do joints and blunts take up more cannabis to fill and roll than your average bowl does, but after lighting it up, it doesn’t stop burning. A continual trail of smoke floating off your blunts let you know that it’s lit, but it also is showing you exactly how much you’re missing when you’re trying to pass it around the circle.

Don’t even get me started on joint art. While the cross joint, rose, or braid joints all are totally awesome looking, and will give you a toking experience unlike many others, they’re clearly more of a novelty form of smoking than one of efficiency.

Although cannabis conservation is an important consideration, don’t forget that smoking is just as much of an experience as what comes after. If you love the taste of rolled joints, smoke ’em! If you don’t want to invest in the cost of a vaporizer, don’t buy one! Only you can manage your cannabis in a fashion that will make you happy.

What other ways can you conserve your bud, instead of just choosing the right piece? Let us know in the comments!