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The Best Way to Know Your Grow

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Every cannabis grower has lost a crop at some point due to flowering their plants too soon. Force flowering is a common technique used to identify whether plants are male or female because only female plants produce those delectable buds we love so much.

However, force flowering stresses plants out and can cause hermaphrodites.
Hermaphrodites mean diminished potency and reduced harvest. Even with feminized seeds, “hermies” may still plague your grow if you aren’t careful.

To help maximize harvest and minimize stress, Steep Hill developed GenKit™ – the smartest way to know your grow. Not only can we identify the males in your canopy long before the flowering state, but we can also identify your CBD-Rich phenotypes while they’re in the vegetative cycle!

GenKit is a DNA test for very young plants (second node). You can test up to eight plants with each GenKit by simply sending in small leaf samples using the specially designed, non-contaminating sampling envelopes included. Steephill then extracts DNA from the plant material and runs diagnostic tests to determine gender. Results are available online 3-5 business days after samples are received, and boast an industry-leading 99% accuracy rate.

The GenKit from Steep Hill Lab levels the field, allowing cultivators to save time and materials and to fully maximize their yield.

For a limited time, GenKit is available for 30% off, so get yours here before time runs out. Take advantage of this online exclusive now!