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Bernie Sanders Gains Support From Marijuana Advocates

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It’s true that his stance on marijuana still isn’t completely clear. That hasn’t stopped many cannabis legalization proponents from reading between the lines and recognizing that he’s the most sensible candidate currently on the ballot. A High Times poll has him well ahead of the other options, while many blogs are covering his campaign with growing intrigue.

Bernie Sanders has long hinted at supporting federal marijuana legalization, but he has been hesitant to make a firm decision. Despite this, marijuana legalization advocates nationwide are putting faith in what (they hope) he stands for.

Cannabis advocates aren’t the only ones who appreciate his approach to the presidency. Vermont ice cream wizards and social activists Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of (you guessed it) Ben & Jerry’s have come out to endorse Bernie Sanders for president.

“Politicians sell out pretty cheap,” Ben told The Telegraph. He’s referring to the control big business has over political decisions in America. Bernie Sanders seems to be different. They’ve supported him since he ran for mayor of Burlington, Vermont. He earned a narrow victory that Jerry attributed to the fact that “people believed in him”.
Bernie Sanders even topped Hilary Clinton for the first time in a major poll. Clinton has been cited as the guaranteed nominee, but a recent poll in New Hampshire showed Sanders on top with an approval rate of 44% versus 37% for Clinton.

He’s promised to reveal more details about his stance on marijuana in the coming months, likely citing the positive results from state-level legalization programs. His current policy states that he’d like federal marijuana policy to follow in their footsteps – for better or for worse.

With the way things are going, it looks to be the latter.

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