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Beer Companies Are Mad Because Millennials Prefer Weed

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Big beer companies like Sam Adams, Corona, and Coors are feeling salty because apparently millennials prefer cannabis over their crappy product. Millennials prefer wine, hard alcohol and of course cannabis. The most amusing thing is that they are having a panic attack over their sales dropping a tiny percentage. No seriously, the New York Post reports that beer sales are expected to fall  0.7 percent by the end of this year. This was enough to spawn another one of those “millennials are killing ____ industry” articles.

Maybe It’s not that millennials are drinking less, we just prefer good beer and good weed over the beers that taste like water and cat pee. I know when I’m buying a six pack, I’m much more likely to reach for a good craft beer from a local brewer than beer from commercial beer companies. I only drink that stuff when I’m broke, or I just don’t drink at all. Beer just doesn’t have that much alcohol in it, so when we want to get drunk we have to be a little more efficient by drinking less alcohol with a higher percentage because yeah, we’re broke.

Why shouldn’t we prefer cannabis? Being high is way better than being drunk. Cannabis doesn’t destroy your body the way that beer does (100 calories per can? Pass). If I had to choose between only consuming beer or bud for the rest of my life, I would choose bud every time. I think a lot of people in my generation feel the same way.

Instead of trying to fight the popularity of cannabis by trying to keep it illegal, maybe these beer companies should learn how to adapt to the changing market rather than blaming the consumers who don’t want your crappy product. You don’t open a restaurant and blame the customers when no one shows up. You figure out why no one is coming to your restaurant and you fix it. Sorry beer companies, I prefer to spark a bowl.

Source: Maxim

Image Source: Business Insider

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