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Beautiful Bongs: Our Favorite Pieces of Glass

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Blowing glass of this quality is not a simple business: it’s art and should be respected as such. Not only will these pieces send you to the moon, but they could easily be put on the mantle for everyone to admire. Here are some of our favourite pieces of glass available on the Grasscity store.

Blaze Glass – Black Dominion ($199.99)

This amazing piece of glass is bound to provide an unparalleled experience with its reinforced, slitted 8-arm tree percs and roomy black powder-coated bowl. The matte black powder is a beautiful finish on this must-have bong that guarantees a cool, clean smoke.

ROOR – Little Sista ($325.00)

ROOR’s Little Sista will last a lifetime thanks to its bi-stable joints that are nearly twice as thick with 40% more glass for added durability. This stylish piece of glass promises a strong, snappy hit thanks to its non-diffuser downstem. If you like, drop in a couple of ice cubes for a cooler, smoother pull.

Jerome Baker – Robot Oil Recycler ($325.00)

This Robot Oil rig is in need of oil! Creatively designed, this bong comes with a vapour dome and nail, making it a great option beyond its quirky appearance. Made in the U.S.A., this pipe is sure to attract a lot of attention—and laughs—as it generates thick plumes of smoke.

Sasquatch Glass – Bee Hive Bubbler ($200.00)

Sasquatch Glass is crafted in Seattle, Washington from laboratory grade borosilicate glass. This unique design requires less water than a traditional bong but uses the remaining surface area to develop the smoke and flavour of the cannabis. At only $200, this product is absolutely worth the investment.

Grace Glass – Limited Edition Bong with Stone Diffuser and Slit Diffuser Perc ($249.99)

This product is more than just a beautiful and functional bong; the package comes with everything you need in a starter kit. The bong itself is available in multiple colours and features a slit diffuser percolator that produces clean and cool smoke. Along with the bong comes a grinder, tips and a beautiful leather case. It’s selling fast, so take advantage of this deal while you still can!

Black Leaf – ELITE Beaker Base 6-arm Perc Tube ($125.00)

For a few dollars less than the Grace Glass bong, this set features many moving parts that combine for the perfect hit. The main chamber diffuses and cools the smoke before it’s pulled towards the 6-arm slitted tree perc. With a splash guard and ice notches, this bong promises a cool, crisp high without any of the fuss.

Grav Labs – Helix Multi Promo Kit ($200.00)

Don’t be put off by its odd shape; this bong by Grav Labs is truly a thing of beauty. The funnel-shaped Venturi Chamber body, pockmarked with micro-holes, creates a swirling vortex of cooler, smoother smoke, providing an experience that’s exciting to watch and easier on your lungs.

Grav Labs – Helix Tube ($437.50)

This bong is more than just a pretty face. It has quite a bit of science behind it, too. The idea of this bong is based on the Venturi effect, where smoke flows through the pipe and intake holes force the smoke away from the outer walls. The smoke is then forced through a narrower section of the pipe, increasing the spinning velocity. This cools the smoke, making for an unforgettable hit.

SI Pipes – Straight Glass Bubbler with Beaker Base ($159.99)

Featuring a slitted diffuser adapter and a 14mm HoneyComb bowl, Scientific Inhalations promises bang for your buck with this piece of glass. Its domed perc chamber and splash guard will keep any water from bubbling up towards the mouthpiece. If you’re looking for a smooth system at a reasonable price, the Straight Glass Bubbler is the ticket.

If you think it’s time to take your cannabis consumption to the next level, hit up the Grasscity shop and grab one of these beautiful pieces of glass. No matter which one is the right fit for you, we guarantee you’ll never go back to using a boring old bong ever again.

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Product photos: Grasscity