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5 Reasons Why It’s Awesome To Be A Stoner In The Summer

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Summer is a beautiful time of year, there’s so much green from the trees and grass, or the blues in the lakes and rivers crisp and glimmer in the sunlight. One of the only things that can make summer better, is the toking of a nice, fat bowl with some friends! Especially before floating down the river, going to a concert, or grabbing a funnel cake. These are just some of the things that make us love being a stoner in the summer, check out the others!

1. Nature is revitalized!

The trees are reaching the beautiful, deep green that only happens at the height of the warmth in the year, the flowers are fully bloomed and all the animals are running about with freedom. After lighting one up the beauty of nature only becomes clearer, personally I feel as if I can see many more details, and are more attune to the movements of the world around me.

2. Seasonal Food Stands and Trucks

They usually accompany local fairs, Saturday food markets, and various other local events. Food trucks also tend to have a regular route year-round, but are more active during the summer! Other food stands that are only open in the summer are things like ice-cream stands, snow-cones, and other frosty treats! My favorite time of year is the end of the summer during my state’s local fair where there are over 50 food stands and trucks, it’s something I look forward to all year!

3. Bud makes outdoor activities amaaazing!

Whenever you decide to toke it up before you go on a hike or float the river, you’re changing your entire experience! I’m not implying that floating the river isn’t awesome while sober, and in fact there are probably some activities you should do sober, such as rock climbing or downhill mountain biking, but for the less dangerous sports and activities, I’d highly recommend you try it out this summer.

4. Stoned Star Gazing

Of course this might fit more specifically in the previous category (so you stingy folk might try and label this one “3.5” but whatever) the fact of the matter is that you really haven’t lived until you’ve taken a few joints and a blanket out into the middle of a field with a few friends, or one special friend, and lighting up and looking up to ponder the bigger questions of the universe.

5. Outdoor Concerts

Music is food for the soul, and you must nourish it! The only thing that goes with music better than a nice joint is the wonderful atmosphere that the cool, summer air provides. When you start listening to the music with the sun bright in the sky and enjoy it as it goes down, and day turns to night, you experience something that would only be as exhilarating and memorable during the summer. Imagine if you tried to have a snow-day concert!

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What is your favorite part about being a stoner in the summer? Is it on our list? If it didn’t make it, let us know in the comments!