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Aurora, Colorado, To Use $1.5 Million In Legal Marijuana Tax Revenue To Help Homeless

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The city of Aurora, CO, recently announced a plan that will donate$1.5 million USD of the generated profits from taxing recreational marijuana sales towards developing programs to assist the homeless population within the area.

Some of the recipients of this funding include the Colfax Community Network, the Comitis Crisis Center and the Aurora Mental Health group. While Colfax Community Network’s funding will primarily assist families living in motels, the other groups will receive funding to purchase vans in order to assist with homeless outreach.

The council which approved theĀ funding will maintain contact and supervision of these groups over the next year in order to determine their level of effectiveness and whether or not renewal of funding will continue on for years to come.

In addition to this money being used for homeless assistance, reports have also stated that the same money generated from these taxes will be used to create and issue $2 million USD worth of bonds in support of the construction of a new recreational center within the southeast area of Aurora.


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What a great use of tax revenue from marijuana sales! It’s amazing how much revenue has been generated from recreational marijuana sales, imagine how much of a difference it would make if more states had programs like this!