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Army Relaxes Rules Against Letting Former Cannabis Users Enlist

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Have you always wanted to join the army? If you ever used cannabis in your past, that meant that you would be unable to enlist. Not anymore. More and more states are either legalizing or decriminalizing cannabis. As such, adult cannabis use is higher than ever. The Army realizes this, and as a result they have decided to relax their rules against allowing people who have used cannabis in the past to enlist for active duty.

So far this year, the number of waivers granted by the army is more than 500. Last year it was only 191.The reason for this is pretty simple: they need more people to join. Most likely because the US will be starting another needless war, probably in Iran this time. So they need more people to volunteer to become bodies.

Recruits are of course granted an exemption as long as they promise they won’t use cannabis as long as they are serving in the army. They are also increasing the amount of lower quality, aka category 4 recruits, a policy change from years past. This is of course, after Congress voted to increase military spending by 700 billion dollars.

This is a mixed bag. If former cannabis users want to volunteer to serve in the military, then that is their right of course. However, if relaxing rules and simultaneously lowering recruiting standards means that the US is gearing up to expand its military presence in the Middle East, this is a very bad sign.

Source: PBS News Hour

Is the army allowing former cannabis users to enlist a sign that they are becoming more progressive, or is it a sign of more wars to come? Discuss in the comments!