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Arcata May Become Cannabis Mecca

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The good folks at report that motions are in place to create a “Medical Marijuana Innovation Zone” near the famously marijuana-friendly city of Arcata, CA. This would set aside land specifically for the promotion and production of cannabis.

The decision to create such a sanctioned situation was passed via a unanimous decision by the Arcata City Council. The new cannabis zone, if approved, would allow for increased control and regulation over cannabis production, while still promoting safe and fair access to patients who need it most.

Marijuana has long been tolerated in Northern California, at least by reputation. It’s a different story when it comes to trafficking outside the state – most long-time marijuana fans have likely heard of the famous Humboldt County bud, but getting your hands on it is probably a different story. The locals would prefer it that way. They’d likely prefer to avoid the black market, especially when it comes to cutting down on crime. This new zone would allow for better control over the marijuana in the area, ensuring it makes it into the right hands.

The new zone would also allow farmers to be respected for what they are – farmers, not illicit drug producers. They risk being designated as such in the many ambiguous and conflicting laws regarding the cultivation of cannabis, both at the state and federal level.

Arcata could set an important precedent for a new reasonable approach to marijuana production in America with this clever idea.