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Another White House Advisor Resigns, This Time Over Past Cannabis Use

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This has not been a good week to be in the Trump White House. Well, I suppose you could make the argument that no week is ever a good week to be in the White House, but this has been an especially bad week for the Trump administration. The third White House staffer in a row has resigned after being a refused a security clearance. This time, it’s for cannabis.

George David Banks, formerly of the National Economic Council, resigned on Tuesday because he had been refused security clearance because he had used cannabis in 2013. He had been working under an interim security clearance since 2017, advising the Trump administration on matters of international energy and environmental policy.

Banks also joins former White House staffers Staff Secretary Rob Porter and David Sorenson, formerly of the Council on Environmental Quality, both of whom were denied security clearance because of domestic violence. While Porter and Sorenson should have absolutely been denied clearance and made to resign.

It seems a tad ridiculous that someone should be denied security clearance because he used cannabis in the past, particularly if is use was not recent. Does smoking weed make you untrustworthy, or a terrorist now? I realize that working in the White House is a federal position and I realize that cannabis is still federally prohibited. The times are changing though, and it’s time for these silly laws to as well.

Source: Politico

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