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Advantages Of Growing Marijuana Indoors

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Growing marijuana is easy to decide to do, but what is not so simple is deciding exactly how you want to do that. The most basic principle that you will need to decide on is whether to grow your marijuana plants indoors or outdoors. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of growing your plants in an indoor environment.

This article will cover:

How to decide
Hygienic environment
Climate control
More than one harvest
Both work and play
The downside

How to decide

How to decide to grow marijuana indoors

Before choosing between the two, you should compare the pros and cons of growing indoors, as well as growing outdoors.  Sort out your own priorities – but keep in mind that, for most growers, the two most important aspects they need to consider are the safety of themselves (and their crop), as well as the success of their harvest.

In an indoor environment, you can keep your grow site both hidden away and also perfectly climate-controlled. Some growers see the latter as a benefit, while others see it as a hindrance. When growing indoors, every detail is controlled by you. This also means that nothing will be provided without your input.

Growing outdoors, on the other hand, will provide your plants with many of the essentials, without cost or effort. Oxygen, water, sunlight, wind (ventilation, for indoor environments), nutrients, and carbon dioxide are all available in an outdoor environment.

On the other hand, an indoor environment allows growers to decide exactly what they want their plants to have access to. For the knowledgeable or experienced grower, this means they can maximize their harvest and get a far better result than if they had let nature do some of the work.

In the end, the choice is up to you. Choose the one that you feel confident is going to fit into your lifestyle and growing goals. More about advantages of growing marijuana indoor in my free grow bible.

Hygienic environment

Hygienic environment

When cared for properly, your indoor grow site can be far more clean and hygienic than an outdoor one, simply because you can control exactly what goes into it. This is particularly important for growers of medicinal marijuana, as any harmful things like parasites, fungus, microorganisms, and germs all need to be kept away.

Climate control

Grow room climate control

There are no unexpected weather changes in an indoor, controlled climate. You can ensure that the conditions of the room are absolutely perfect for your marijuana plants. Every tiny detail about the climate (temperature, ventilation, carbon dioxide, humidity, and so on) can be tweaked to maximize your marijuana plants’ growing potential.

This is particularly useful in unpredictable climates. There will be no early frosts, no unexpected dry spells, no unseasonal humidity that leads to mold, and no dramatic and damaging storms. Your plants can be kept safe and sound in a healthy indoor environment. And this, of course, means that your final harvest will be equally healthy and high in quality.

More than one harvest

More than one marijuana harvest

It may surpise you to learn that an indoor grow setup means a much greater flexibility in your plants’ growing “season.” You are no longer dependent on the natural seasonal changes that you would be while growing outdoors. This means that you can essentially grow marijuana throughout the entire year. All you need to accomplish this is a room with 18 hours of light per day for the plants in their vegetation phase, a room with 12 hours of light for plants in their flowering phase, and the know-how and experience to keep things running smoothly.

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Theoretically you could get up to 6 harvests a year, as marijuana plants require about 2 months to mature. While you have some plants maturing in the flowering room, you can take cuttings and put them in the vegetation room. Then you can harvest and move and clone the plants again accordingly, for things to run consistently and smoothly.

Both work and play

Both work and play when growing marijuana

There is no denying that growing marijuana plants indoors is a ton of work. The subtler details are sometimes hard to stay on top of, but with experience comes the art of perfecting your skills. That being said, it is also plenty of fun, and makes for a particularly interesting hobby.

If you are a grower who is also a medical marijuana patient, growing is an especially effective hobby because it provides a positive distraction from your health condition. It also leads to something that directly improves your quality of life. You will be able to control exactly how much “medicine” you get, and can rest assured because you know exactly where it comes from, as well as its quality and purity.

The downside

The downside of growing marijuana

Growing marijuana indoors does come with certain disadvantages that are not to be ignored. Besides the fact that it’s far more work than growing outdoors, it can also be extremely expensive to set up a decent grow area. It’s a lot of work to maintain the quality of the setup and to keep tabs on every minute detail of your operation.

Additionally, there are potential legal issues for you when growing indoors. These legal issues exist for outdoor growers as well, but for you there is no backup plan of denial, or claims of innocence. (It’s not a convincing argument that the marijuana plants in your basement have been growing of their own accord.) Be sure to protect yourself, and take extra precautions when growing indoors.

Thanks for reading. Please leave comments or questions below and don’t forget to download my free grow bible.