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6 Activities Sativa Makes Better

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I like sativa and indica strains for different reasons. Indica is great when you need to unwind after a long day at the office, whereas sativa is better for when you feel like you need to get some shit done. A sativa high makes any activity more fun, which is why you started smoking cannabis in the first place, right?

Cleaning Your House

No one really likes cleaning their house, which is why it is known as a chore. Unfortunately, you do need to do it every once in awhile. Next time you have a pile of dishes to do, or you need to clean your bathroom, try smoking a bowl of some nice sativa. You’ll feel more motivated to get your housework done, and who knows, you might come up with some creative ideas for your house, like rearranging your furniture.

Playing Music

There’s a reason why some of your favorite musicians prefer to write and play music while on pot. Sativa is known for the creative power that it gives the smoker. I personally, love to write bass lines after smoking a fat bowl of my favorite sativa. I’m sure you’ve noticed that the ideas that you come up with while high, seem like the greatest ideas ever. You can thank sativa for that.

Creating Art

Have you ever noticed that a sativa high makes colors appear brighter? This is why I love to create art while I’m baked. Whether I am painting a guitar pedal, drawing my own anime characters, or coloring with my young nephew, the best art that I’ve created has been while I’ve been high on sativa. I also have more patience with whatever project I happen to be working on. Cannabis makes me more likely to finish what I’m working on.

Grocery Shopping

Some say that you should not go shopping while baked. Personally, I love going grocery shopping after smoking some delicious sativa. I have a passion for food and cooking delicious and nutritious meals, which is only intensified when I am high. I can see the possibilities in any food item and if I am trying to figure out what to make for dinner that night, I put more care into my decision. I am less likely to just opt for frozen pizza and am more likely to experiment with a new recipe.


Sometimes after you smoke a bowl with a group of friends, the excitement in the room tends to die down. Sure everyone feels all nice and relaxed, but all anyone wants to do is sit and watch TV for several hours. With a sativa high, you are more motivated to leave the safety of your couch and go have some real adventures. Everyone’s creative energy comes out and your friends are more likely to suggest going on a nature walk, or go someplace to try on some silly hats.


In my experience, meditation is so much more effective when you are high in sativa. The buzz that a good sativa gives you is much more cerebral, than an indica high. As such, sativa is more well suited to help you attain that feeling of inner peace that you are trying to attain. If I’m smoking the only exercise I am likely to do is stretching out on my couch.

These are some of my favorite activities to do while high on sativa. Of course, indica is better for some things, like if you are just looking to relax, read a book, or play some video games. I just try to avoid the dreaded couch lock as much as I can, and sativa is better for that purpose.

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What activities do you like to do on while high on sativa? Do you have a preference between the two? Let us know in the comments!