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Activists Offer New Attorney General Sessions Cannabis Samples, Talk Legalization

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A group of cannabis activists decided to pay a visit to incoming Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ (R-Alabama) office in DC. Their goal was to talk to the Senator personally about cannabis legalization and the benefits of medicinal cannabis. They also managed to sneak in some cannabis to offer to Sessions so he could see for himself that it was harmless.

Sessions’ appointment by President-elect Donald Trump has legalization advocates wringing their hands because of his stance against legalization. Sessions has been known for saying things such as “good people don’t smoke marijuana”, and people are rightfully terrified that he will begin enforcing federal prohibition laws in states where cannabis has been legalized.

The two activists were not able to speak with Senator Sessions directly. Instead, they spoke with his communications director Chris Jackson. Rather than call the police (cannabis is legal in DC, but bringing cannabis into the Capitol is still a crime), Jackson decided to sit with them and hear them out.

Though he declined to try any of the cannabis that the two men brought, he did sit and listen to them as they told stories about different people’s lives which have been saved by medicinal cannabis. One of the activists even rolled a joint while speaking with Jackson.

The fact that the two were able to get into the Senator’s office with cannabis and not be arrested bodes well for the fate of cannabis in the states. Senator Sessions is a strict believer in the Constitution, and as a staunch conservative who believes in individual state’s rights we can hope that that extends to cannabis legalization.

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