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8 Ways Being A Stoner Makes Me A Better Person

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Cannabis has changed my life in many ways. I was an incredibly depressed person, who was filled with self-loathing before I became a stoner. Using cannabis is different for me than say for example, drinking. I use it as an antidepressant, as a cure for anxiety, and just as a way to make me appreciate all that life has to offer. This is why I don’t see cannabis as a drug; I see it as a medicine and a tool.

I’m Less Irritable

I am a person who is easily irritated by little things and this leads me to bitch about little things. When I’m stoned I’m not irritable at all, and very little bothers me. Being a stoner makes me less of a complainer. Using cannabis helps with my PMS, which makes it easier for me to be around people and for them to be around me.

I’m More Accepting Of People

Being a stoner has made me much more accepting of people and their flaws in general. Cannabis makes it easier for me to connect with people and develop lasting relationships with them. Some of the best friends that I have currently, I met in a smoking circle. Being a stoner connects you with some of the coolest people that you’ll ever meet.

I’m More Motivated

This is not the case with everyone, but I’ve found that being stoned helps me to be more motivated (when I’m smoking sativa, that is). I love doing creative projects when I’m stoned, whether it be playing music or making art. Cannabis helps me harness my creative energy in a different way when I’m stoned. I also feel more motivated to do household chores or exercise after smoking a bowl. Doing yoga while stoned is one of the most effective ways for me to cope with the stress of daily life.

I Sleep Better

I suffer from pretty bad insomnia from time to time, which makes it difficult to function sometimes. Smoking before going to bed helps me fall asleep faster, and more importantly helps me stay asleep. This also helps with the irritability and motivation.

I Cook Better Food

I love cooking food when I’m stoned and I’m really good at it too. When I’m stoned cooking becomes an art form for me. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of eating a delicious, fancy meal that I’ve made, especially when I’m stoned.

I’m More Affectionate

Being stoned makes me more affectionate, which obviously helps me be a better girlfriend. Cannabis makes my libido shoot up into the stratosphere, which is obviously beneficial for my partner, and myself as well. As a Sagittarius, I am an emotional person by nature; cannabis helps me channel my emotions in a healthier and more fulfilling way.

I’m More Self Aware

Cannabis makes me more self aware than I normally would be. I don’t mean that it makes me more self conscious. Cannabis makes me more aware of the unfavorable aspects of my personality and gives me a desire to try to work on those things (see above). Being stoned is like therapy to me. It helps me to see things from a different perspective, which is why I continue to use it. Cannabis is also a lot cheaper than therapy.

I’m More Patient

I’m normally a very impatient person and being stoned gives me the patience of a saint. This is a good thing because a big part of being an adult is learning how to be patient. I’m normally not one for deferred gratification. The only thing I don’t mind waiting for is my coffee because instant coffee is gross. Being a stoner allows me to adopt more of a go-with-the-flow attitude and because of that I am better able to appreciate the things that life has to offer.

Being a stoner has made me a better person in a number of ways. I tried things like antidepressants and anxiety medications and they did not work. Cannabis, on the other hand has helped me in ways where other medications have fallen short. Cannabis has made me a better person, and I’m sure it’s made you a better person too.

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How has being a stoner made you a better person? Share your stories in the comments!