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8 Stoner Habits To Avoid At All Costs

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Everyone has their own collection of bad habits, from chewing their nails to impulse buying, and stoners are no different. Although there are plenty of stoner habits to avoid letting become part of your life, there are some habits that are worse than others.

1. Holding In Your Hit For An Excessive Amount Of Time

This is something we seriously need to get over folks, although there is still some debate over whether or not most of the THC really is absorbed in the first 3 seconds of a hit, there is no debate that the longer you hold smoke in your lungs the more tar you’re allowing to build up in your lungs, and the more likely you are to experience chronic lung irritation.

2. Bragging About Your Excess Amount Of Bud Or Super Expensive Bong

Stoners are very proud people by nature, and are generally interested in comparing and showing off new bongs and strains and whatnot, but it’s important to remember that it’s not a competition. The folks that go and look for a $500 bong just so they can say they own said $500 bong and put it on display to never use are people who care more about the image of being a stoner, rather than the actual benefits of cannabis. Think about it, ever have a friend brag to you that they have a pound stored under their bed? Why would they tell you that? Literally only to try and make you jealous. These people, firstly, care too much about their own appearance, and secondly, are the kind of people that are likely to draw unwanted attention. I recommend distancing yourself from anybody who thinks cannabis is simply a way to be cool.

3. Asking To Mooch

To be honest I never ask for free bud from any of my friends ever, I usually like to just make sure that my friends have bud when they’re in need and they return the favor. However, I never give out freebies to people who ask, especially when they are pushy about it. Mooching has a limited time and place, but you shouldn’t ever deal with people who only ask to be smoked out without any contribution. It’s not your fault that someone else is out of greens, whether or not you let them take advantage of you is.

4. Expecting To Be Smoked Out Consistently

Have you ever had a friend who initially started coming over with greens to provide and then one day suddenly “loses their connection” and never gets a new one? How about the newby stoner that you brought over once who thinks they can come smoke down for free every time? It is unfortunate, but there are a lot of stoners in the world who think they can take advantage of the kindness and forgetfulness of other stoners.

5. Constantly Bitching About Smoking With A “Nicer Piece”

There’s nothing worse than someone who bitches about the way you’re smoking. “Oh my goodness I hate joints they always give me Scooby Snacks!” Or, “Bruh your piece is trash I should’ve brought over my double-chamber ice-notch bong,” are some of the rudest things I’ve ever heard said in the middle of the smoke sesh. In addition, if you’re gonna put input into how you’re gonna smoke, you have to provide that method. There’s nothing more annoying that someone saying, “Bruh I don’t like that piece of yours, can we smoke out of your other one?” If you want total control over your smoking experience, just stay home, otherwise have some input in your group’s thought process but respect the final decision.

6. Bombarding Your Friends Or Connect With Texts And Calls

Most people have that one friend who makes sure everybody knows they’re out of bud, because they’ve asked everybody you know where they could find some. Not only that, but because you didn’t respond to the first text, you’ve received a bombardment of reminder texts since. Don’t get me wrong, when I’m totally out of the green I freak out too, but it’s still important to remember that just because you’re panicking, doesn’t mean everyone else is. Few things are more annoying than having your phone blow up because someone doesn’t know how to be chill, so the next time you’re out of bud it’s cool to text a few people, but be reasonable, if they don’t respond give them a day or two before hitting them up again.

7. Refusing To Do Anything Until Getting High

Everyone has that one friend or has gone through that stage in which they always say, “Bruh I’m not gonna do anything until we get ripped.” Or the friend that always starts loading the bowl when you’re getting ready to go somewhere because “I thought we were gonna get baked and then go.” There comes a certain point in every stoner’s life where they need to move past that, because not only is it incredibly time consuming, but your tolerance will also go through the roof and all the bud in the world won’t make a difference.

8. Ragging On Your Friends When They Say They’ve Had Enough

I’m not going to lie, this is the one that I have trouble with. Even I throw out the occasional “Come on, mama didn’t raise no quitter!” And usually whomever I say it to perks back up for a little bit and carries on toking. But here’s the thing, it’s not a casual, cool, thing to call someone out on smoking more than they can handle, and there’s really no excuse. The next time you’re about to call someone out for stepping out of the rotation recall every time you’ve been too high or you’ve had too much to drink and someone called you out for not having enough, it wasn’t funny when they said it, and it likely won’t be funny when you say it.

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When you have a friend with one of these habits, do you tell them to shape up, or simply ban them from the next circle? Let us know in the comments!