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8 Dab Hacks For Oil Heads

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Whether you’re just getting into concentrates, or you’re a dabbing connoisseur, there are always new ways to improve your dabbing technique, especially since the art of dabbing is still on the rise. From that little accessory that makes a world of difference, to knowing how to properly store your concentrates.  Take a look at some of these killer dab hacks below! Still looking for the perfect dab rig? Check out our dab rigs now. 

1. Heat Your Dab Tool For Easier Handling

If your concentrates are super sticky and you simply can’t separate your dab from the rest of your collection, or you simply need to make a clean cut to separate your collection, I recommend heating up your dabber or dab tool slightly. Whether it be holding it over a lighter for a moment, or running a clean dabber through hot water, there’s nothing like a hot dabber to cut through your dabs to get just the right dab.

2. Freeze Your Concentrates For Easier Storage

If you’re looking to break apart your concentrate into larger, manageable, pieces I recommend spreading all your concentrates out thinly on wax paper and then placing that tray of wax paper into the freezer for at least 20 minutes. When you take out your concentrate it will definitely be hard as brittle, like glass. So be careful when you’re breaking it up! This is also a great practice for whenever you want to collect as much concentrate out of container as possible, as it will just break off of any surface it’s stuck to.

3. Low-Temperature Dabbing Is A Thing

A common, and truly unfortunate practice among dabbers is to heat their nail to red-hotness, regardless of make. I’m here to tell you that when heating your nail, no type of nail needs to be red hot before dabbing. When heating a titanium nail to red-hot levels, your nail is reaching an upwards of over 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Spoiler: All of the fun bits of concentrate vaporize at about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to make sure you’re getting perfect temperature dabs every time, there’s no better way than an e-nail.

4. Silicone Is Your New Best friend

If you don’t own a silicone container for your concentrates, or tray, do yourself a favor and remedy that issue right now. Silicone containers are the best at storing and collecting all of your concentrates every time. No other container will allow you to collect as close to 100% of your concentrates as possible. Glass, plastic, and other regular containers just cause your concentrates to stick and be left behind.

5. Wax Paper Is A Close Second

For those of you who don’t have any silicone storage containers yet, wax paper will be your White Knight in a time of need. Don’t try to store your concentrates in class or plastic, you’ll just end up losing a large portion of your dabs to the residue left on your container. Wax paper is the best replacement to silicone due to it’s residue-resistant make.

6. Collect Your Reclaim Often

It’s all well and good to have a dedicated dab-rig, but it’s important to remember to take it apart to clean and replace the water often. In addition to this, I recommend adding the step of collecting all of your reclaim from the nail. Simply heat up the nail lightly with a lighter with the joint facing a silicone container or wax paper that’s ready to catch that lovely reclaim!

7. You Don’t Need A Nail To Enjoy Concentrates

Just because concentrates are best utilized with nails and blowtorches doesn’t mean that it’s the only way to enjoy concentrates. From dab pens to joint topping, there are multitudes of ways to incorporate your concentrates into other parts of your cannabis adventures. Speaking of, have you ever tried moonrocks? Still looking for a bong nail? We’ve got you sorted.

8. Carp Caps Will Add An Extra ‘Umph’ To Your Dabs

Carp Caps are especially useful when used in combination with low-temperature dabbing. A carb cap is simply a covering for your nail that has only one small opening for airflow. The increased amount of pressure existing within your nail then decreases the necessary temperature your concentrates must reach to vaporize. Using a carb cap practically adds a second hit to every dab, and helps those hits be smooth and cool.

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