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710: The History Of The Day Of Dabbing

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710 is being hailed as the new 420 for stoners around the globe, but how many actually know the origin of this new stoner celebration?

Even non-stoners are familiar with the ubiquitous stoner holiday 420, but now cannabis enthusiasts are celebrating on July 10, or 7/10. The 710 holiday has only been around for a few years now. The first reference it appeared in Urban Dictionary in 2011 with a vague entry regarding hash oil.

Since then the dabbing holiday has taken off with hashtags all over social media celebrating the holiday, songs dedicated to it, and now even merchandise. Where did it come from?

For those who don’t know, 710 is “oil” spelled upside down and it refers to BHO concentrates used for dabbing (which if you haven’t tried, you’re really missing out). Though this might seem obvious, there is some confusion on where the term actually originated from.

In an interview musician Taskrok said that he got the idea for 710 because he and some friends in the business didn’t feel a connection with 420 anymore. “I was the one who suggested 710 because it clicked in my head that it spelled oil upside down. I don’t want to try to own it though. It belongs to the community now,” Task said.

Task released several songs on his album “The Movement” dedicated to dabbing such as “7:10” and “Burning The Oil.” He titled his album “The Movement” to symbolize the movement from 420 to 710. 710 not only represents the date, but also the time to dab, as 4:20 once did.

Task says that he’s sure he’s not the first person to realize that 710 spelled oil, so the verified origin of 710 remains in doubt, though his story seems the most likely. Regardless the origin of the holiday, July 10 is another holiday especially for stoners, so enjoy!

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