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7 Unique Gadgets For Consuming Cannabis

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As technology has developed, and the world became more open to the idea of cannabis, we’ve seen some incredible inventions meant to change the way that we smoke cannabis, and many have. (Can you say, “Volcano”?) The future only holds more wonders for stoners all around the world, and new ways to enjoy cannabis in exciting ways. What type of gadgets will be the toking tools of the future? Check a few of them out below!

1. CannaCloud Vaporizer

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You may have heard about the “Keurig of Cannabis,” the machine that turns strain-specific pods into vapor. It seems like in the future everything we eat, drink, and smoke will be coming from a pod! The CannaCloud Vaporizer machine works with low-temperature vaporizing and channels the vapor into a personal containment unit that allows the vapor to only escape the pod when someone is breathing in, so it also protects every little bit of that deliciousness.

2. Smocan Smoking System

This is the ultimate travel pack. Don’t believe me? Let’s break it down. On the bottom of the can, you have a full four-compartment grinder with included mesh screen and kief catcher. In the top section of the can, you have a spring-loaded compartment with your glass/quartz cigarette one-hitter bat, you have your stainless steel pick to clean out the bat with, and you have a compartment to hold a single mini-Bic lighter. What else could you possibly need for your adventures? It’s perfect for day-trips hiking, weekend trips, and more! Think you want one? You can pick it up in our store!

3. Magical Butter Machine

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If you consider yourself a stoner and a chef, you definitely need this machine. The Magical Butter machine consistently makes perfectly infused cannabis butter or oils, without all the hassle of needing to stand over a stove or slow-cooker for hours on end. And say goodbye to constant temperature checks, the Magical Butter machine maintains a precise low-temperature heat that doesn’t exceed 220 degrees Fahrenheit (104 degrees Celsius). You don’t even need to grind the bud, this does that for you as well! Make sure you only purchase this wonderful machine from their own website, as there have been some reports of knockoffs from other sites.

4. Live Resin Vaporizers

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My absolute favorite gadget that I have bought in recent years is my live resin vaporizer. These little buggers can do pretty much anything. Not only are they super discrete, super portable, they have the capacity to get you super baked WHEREVER YOU GO. Making live resin is a relatively new process that involves cannabis that was frozen, rather than dried. Some experts claim that the process of live resin creation preserves more terpenes, and the natural flavor, better than the process of drying the plant.

5. Eyce 2.0

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So you like your bong rips to be cool, but not just cool like a nice drink fresh out of the refrigerator, you mean cool like chewing on a box of spearmint mints while climbing Mount Everest cool! Well look no further than the Eyce 2.0! This mold will allow you to make simple, durable, and effective ice bongs. The silicone mold also comes with a stand, mouth cover and a downstem, so you won’t be short anything you need to get started getting those ice-cold hits!

6. VaprWear

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Don’t like carrying your vape in your hand everywhere you go? Afraid you’re going to forget your pen the next time you go out on a late-night pancake run? Have no fear, VaprWear is here! VaprWear sells a variety of handheld vaporizers, to fit whatever your smoking needs, with complimentary clothing that contains a connection for your vaporizer base that will lead to a discrete mouthpiece somewhere on your clothing. Personally, I’d get a jacket one just so I always have a vaporizer for on the go!

7. The Knockout

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This guy has been making quite the fuss on the internet. It’s an amazing contraption that attaches to the top of any beer bottle to create turn it into an instant water pipe or gravity bong. The inventors of the device also have come up with a challenge for all those who purchase the item. The “Knockout” is when you pre-load the bowl on a fresh bottle of beer, turn the beer upside-down, chug all the beer while lighting the bowl so the glass fills with smoke, and when you’re finished with the beer, you instantly take the hit. The Knockout certainly has potential for a great party favor, but I’m just excited to have an easy, instant gravity bong system!

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There are some crazy ways to consume cannabis, especially with technology constantly making the process easier! Which gadget do you want to try first? Let us know in the comments!