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7 Relaxing Activities Improved By Cannabis

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There are plenty of great relaxing activities that you can do whenever you’re feeling a little stressed or angry, but have you ever added cannabis to the mix when trying to relax? I believe that smoking adds a new layer to every experience, good and bad, and you can utilize cannabis in positive ways on a daily basis Every person has their own ideal ways to relax, whether it be blowing off steam or trying to remove themselves from the problem. See how cannabis affects your attempts to relax with some of our favorite ways to relax below!

1. Meditating

The most obvious and efficient way to relax? Meditation. If you’re not sure you can sit still for any period of time, puff on some indica, grab a mat, and just relax with your eyes closed. Don’t allow yourself to sleep, focus on your breathing, and just let the world be while your stress melts away.

2. Listening To Vinyl

When you really want to get every note and every rest out of your music, you light up a joint and break out the record player. Sitting around with a few friends and listing to your favorite albums is a great way to spend an afternoon, and trust me, music never sounds better than it does coming from a vinyl.

3. Cooking

Cooking can be quite a therapeutic activity. It’s a great mixture of science, craft, and it’s food! Adding cannabis to the mix reveals your inner chef. You’ll be more willing to spend longer while making meals, and you’re already likely to make healthier foods in order to combat the munchies. So grab a apron and start fine-tuning those recipes!

4. Sleeping

You haven’t lived until you’ve gotten so baked literally all you can do is go to bed and experience a sleep unlike any other. One of my favorite benefits of smoking cannabis is that it is a natural sleep aid. Even for those with insomnia, cannabis can help with falling asleep or simply calming the mind to allow you to rest. Personally, it keeps me asleep for longer and when I wake up I feel even more refreshed!

5. Reading

If you really want to get lost into your novel, take a few hits before diving in and take casual reading to the next level! Reading whilst high is the best way to fully dive into the story and get lost between the lines of the text.

6. Exercising

Now bear with me for this one. Although exercise is obviously the antithesis of relaxing, if you work out after a few rips you might find that you’ll have a much more pleasurable experience. For me, cannabis helps open up my airways and makes me easily distracted, which is perfect for whenever I go jogging because I hate to think about the fact that I’m running. Exercising regularly has been known to reduce your average daily stress, and can also be a great way to blow off steam.

7. Working With Your Hands

Cannabis also impacts your creativity. It can open your mind up to a realm of new possibilities that you’d never have considered before, or it can simply give you the patience to work on a project for hours without distraction. Personally I recommend working with some Play-Doh or Legos, things that you can mold, shape, and build with your hands, the tactile response is especially therapeutic.

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What other great calming activities do you partake in after toking? Share with us in the comments!