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7 Other Ways To Indulge For The Canna-Curious

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Many people would like to try cannabis, but they shy away from it because they don’t want to smoke it in the traditional sense; this is either because they have a health problem that prevents them from smoking, or they don’t want to deal with the stigma that comes with lighting up. Luckily, there are plenty of other methods for those who would prefer to indulge in other ways.


Dry vaping is one of my favorite ways to consume cannabis. It’s similar to smoking, and there’s none of the possible consequences that can come with smoking the traditional way. Dry vaping is different from combustion because rather than burning herb with a butane lighter, you are instead heating the herb and inhaling the THC vapor. With vaping you aren’t inhaling carcinogens and all that nasty ash. Vaping is an excellent way to initiate the canna-curious.


For the more adventurous types, you can always try dabbing. Dabbing is also similar to smoking, especially when it comes to the delivery method. The way that dabbing differs from combustion is that it’s done with concentrates rather than dry herb. Also, instead of using a butane lighter and directly lighting a bowl, you use a butane torch to heat a nail, then vaporizing the concentrate on the nail and into a piece called a dab rig. I say that this is for adventurous types because concentrates are a lot more potent than herb.


Edibles are excellent for the canna-curious because they’re easy to use and you don’t have to go to the hassle of using a piece. All you do is pop it into your mouth and go. Edibles are also enjoyed by those wishing to keep their consumption on the DL. They’re also pretty delicious.


Tinctures are ingested like edibles, but they’re made from alcohol which has been infused with cannabis. The liquid is then dropped underneath the tongue. Tinctures are more commonly used for medical conditions than recreational, but you can still have fun with them. I know I have.


Topicals are just another way of referring to cannabis infused lotions and balms which are applied directly to the skin. These are also more commonly used for treating things like inflammation and muscle soreness, similar to arnica gel, but you can find varieties with THC in them at most dispensaries.

Infused Drinks

Cannabis infused drinks are becoming very popular and can be found pretty much anywhere where cannabis is legal. You can buy them premixed, or you can buy your cannabis in powder form. Most popular are the cannabis coffee drinks, which originated in Washington, of course. They’re perfect for mellowing out and taking care of your coffee fix.

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What methods of consumption do you recommend for the canna-curious? Light up the comments!