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These Growers Are Growing Cannabis Just for Kids With Cancer

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Meet Erin and Frankie Wallace. They’re a lot like other growers you might meet; they search for their most potent plants and use them to make medicinal cannabis oil. What makes them different from other growers? They are growing specifically to make cannabis oil for kids with cancer.

Not a lot of growers are willing to do what the Wallaces are doing. Fear of repercussion from the federal government in the form of a criminal charge for distributing to a minor keeps most growers from growing strains specifically for kids with cancer. The Wallaces know that it has to be done, however.

Frankie says in an interview with Vice, “I had a very crazy dream of this plant bringing a lot of healing to different diseases and it struck me as very profound,” he says as he trims his plants. When asked why people are afraid to do what they are doing, Frankie answers without missing a beat, “Fear of repercussion from the federal government.”

Once the Wallaces have picked the perfect plants from their vast crop, they are ready to custom blend the oils to attain the perfect potency and desired effects.

The parents of these kids with cancer greatly appreciate the risks the Wallaces are taking. They believe that cannabis should be legalized and removed from the schedule so the medical benefits can be properly studied. Tracy Ryan, whose daughter Sophie suffers from cancer, wants the US government to end cannabis prohibition so there can finally be clinical trials conducted on the medical benefits of cannabis. Tracy had seen cannabis work on for many different kids, but unfortunately cannabis has had no effect on Sophie. This, Tracy says, is why there is an urgent need for clinical trials. “Without clinical trials we’re all guessing. My child is a guinea pig,” she said.  

Erin and Frankie are putting themselves at great risk doing what they’re doing, but I can’t imagine a more noble cause.

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