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6 Ways To Smoke Depending On Your Mood

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Whenever we ingest some form of cannabis, we are changing our perspective of the world. Does that change in perspective alter how we think? Does it change our mood? If it does do those things, can we manipulate it so that we can feel certain emotions or gain certain perspectives depending on how (and how much) we toke? I believe so. Half the time I just choose what way I want to toke based on level of ease, however when I have strong feelings of a particular emotion I’m usually driven towards a specific form of smoking to either encourage or dissuade that emotion, check out some of the mood/toking pairs that I’ve tried myself!

1. Happiness/Joy- Joint

There’s nothing quite as carefree and relaxing as hitting a joint. I’m not really talking about the cross-joint or the braid, just a simple roll that is evenly crafted and burns slow and clean. The joint calls out to the free-spirited, the jubilant, and generally anyone who wants to spread the joy. Joints practically were born to be passed around among a group of friends, and generally is the center-piece to many fun memories. Even if you’re just hanging out alone at home, but want to be reminded of the good ol’ times, a joint may spark up some old memories that will surely bring a smile to your face!

2. Sadness/Dissapointment- Edible

Talk about comfort food! Although I never, ever, recommend utilizing substances (even cannabis) to get over your feelings, even I have to admit that after a hard day I like to sit down and smoke until I’ve lost count of how many bowls I’ve loaded. Again, I don’t recommend that. If you have one reasonable portion of edible, however, you’re controlling the amount you’re ingesting, and don’t have to subject yourself to constantly toking. I believe the reason that many people can’t smoking after starting is due to the fact that they keep their bongs and bud right in front of them, giving them a “Well, since its here” type of attitude. The edible will allow you to tear yourself away from that mindset, sit in front of the TV, enjoy some of that lovely Netflix streaming you’ve been meaning to catch up on, and spend your time eating other non-infused comfort foods to help you feel better.

3. Wanderlust/Intrigue- Pipe

The pipe is the perfect travel piece, to take with you on all of your adventures. They come in various sizes as well as styles, making them just as transportable as you want them to be. I have a friend of mine who wears a one-hitter pipe around his neck as a necklace every time he goes hiking so he has instant toking capabilities. Pipes are a great piece for anyone who loves to go on casual outdoor adventures as well as anyone who wants to do a cross-country trip! They’re compact, so they won’t take up much space in the travel bag, they’re functional, and easy to keep in tip-top shape with some regular cleaning!

4. Artsy/Creative- Vaporizer

Ah the vaporizer, one of the healthiest ways to enjoy cannabis that is still within the realm of toking. Vaporizers come in many different forms, from desktop to handheld, there are a lot of options of how to approach vaporizers. To me, everything about the vaporizer experience is different from that of smoking, the taste, the smell, the high, it is all different. Even the fact that I fill up an entire bag of THC vapor before actually enjoying any of it changes the way I experience cannabis. This shift away from the norm will help you look at things in a different light, and help you consider new ways of thinking outside the box!

5. Anger/Jealousy- Bong

Sometimes you just gotta hit something, and you want to hit it hard. Of course you’re probably thinking of a wall, and I’m still sitting here thinking of a bong. If you sit down, and need to take deep breathes before and during your hits, you will eventually calm down a bit just by the natural process of deep breathing, with a little help from the effects of cannabis, of course. Anger won’t help whatever situation you’re in anyways, it’s important to be able to know when to utilize your anger not as an emotion, but a source of encouragement to change whatever it is that bothers you.

6. Impatient/Nervous- Dab

You might be hesitant to believe that dabbing is actually faster than smoking at first, when it takes 20 seconds to even prepare the nail for the hit, but if you consider the fact that you’ll be taking less hits total, the amount of time really needed to get you stoned is probably less than it takes for you to smoke a bowl to yourself. Not only that, but in my experience dabs also provides the toker with a different type of high than regular smoking does. The mind is much more active during a dab-induced high in my opinion, and can lead to some creative vibes that will boost your productivity levels through the roof, helping you catch up on whatever work you need to get done.

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Of course this is just how I decide what to smoke depending on my mood, you might feel differently! Does it match up pretty closely, or do you do something different? Let us know in the comments!