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6 Ways To Enjoy Concentrates Without A Nail

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For those who just can’t get enough of their concentrates, dabbing on a nail can get fairly tedious, and let’s not forget the times your blowtorch ran out of propane right before a fat rip! While a nail and torch is the tried and true method of dabbing, there are still plenty of other ways to enjoy those concentrates without a nail:

1. Moonrocks

Moonrocks are an awesome way to utilize your concentrates if you’re without a nail, or you simply prefer smoking flower over concentrates anyway. The process to make them is relatively simple, and the finished product will definitely take you sky-high.

2. Bowl Topping

This is probably the simplest thing to do if you simply want to add some ‘umph’ to your bowl. The trick is to load the bowl halfway with herb, load your dab, and then top it with more herb, rather than simply torching it off the top of your bowl. This makes it so the concentrate is more likely to burn evenly and feed into your hit, the layered herb also helps create convection heat for the dab, making it more likely to vaporize the concentrate, rather than totally burn it.

3. Joint Filling or Art

If you just want a guaranteed effective, simple method to integrate dabs into your joint, I’d recommend rolling a joint with the dabs inside it. If you have fairly malleable wax, you should try to fashion yourself a thin ‘worm’ that will fit inside your joint. After laying down a bed of bud, and before rolling, throw your worm into the joint so it gets nice and cozy in the middle of your J, that will give the joint a much better chance of burning evenly.

Or, have you ever seen a joint that is decorated with dabs and kief? Test out your artistic abilities and see if you can make a glamorous joint. One easy, and very effective, method of decorating your joints with wax and kief is to roll your joint, lightly cover it with wax, dip it into some kief, and voilĂ , you’ve got a moon-joint!

4. Knife-Hits

If you have a vapor curve attachment to your bong, or you simply love knife hits, then you’re already prepared for an easy and efficient dabbing technique. If you’ve got two butterknives, or really just one and some type of dabbing tool, and a lighter, then you’re ready to dab. Take the butterknife you’re planning on using as your heating plate, heat it up with your lighter to red-hot levels, and rub your dabs on the plate, and inhale! If you have a vapor curve, you have the amazing opportunity to have those dabs be percolated and super-smooth too, if you don’t I recommend finding a cup with a hole or a straw to breath in the vapor before it escapes.

5. Vaporizers/Dab Pens

Vaporizers have made amazing strides in technology in the past decade, today we have vaporizers that can do herb, concentrates, or even both! Let’s especially not forget about dab pens, which have very definitely changed the on-the-go-toking game. If you’re looking for a inconspicuous way to enjoy your concentrates while out and about, then I’d definitely be looking into handheld vaporizers.

6. Concentrate Cooking

Yes, you can also use concentrates in your cannabis cooking! If you’re looking to give your brownies that serious kick that you’ve been missing, then you might try experimenting with concentrates in your cooking! But be warned, the dosages are very different to than if you might be using herb, so I recommend doing a healthy amount of research before just throwing your stash into your next batch.

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What other ways can you enjoy concentrates without a nail? Let us know in the comments!