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6 Tips For Dealing With A Roommate Who Hates Reefer

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Sometimes roommates can suck; they don’t clean up after themselves, they’re always late with rent, or they bring home obnoxious friends. The worst type of roommate is a roommate who hates reefer. Hopefully, you wouldn’t live with a person like this in the first place; typically people who advertise on Craigslist and other such services will specify what will or will not fly. If you are in this type of living situation, there are ways to deal with it so you can keep the pace.

Use A Vape

When you live with a roommate who hates reefer, it’s typically the smell that they don’t like. It doesn’t matter if you use a portable or a desktop vape, the point of using a vape is so that you’re not filling up the house with the sweet, sweet aroma of a freshly smoked bowl. While you may love the smell, your roommate has their own reasons for despising it. Using a vape should take care of that problem pretty nicely.

Smoke In The Bathroom With The Fan

I used to use this trick, and I can tell you that it works, and it works well. The person I was trying to hide my habit from was none the wiser. The smoke dissipates quickly and there’s no residual odor, especially if you decide to use a spoof. It also helps to open a window. Sometimes running the shower can help clear the smoke even faster, but this is also a huge waste of water.

Don’t Toke Up In The Living Room

There’s nothing wrong with smoking up in your private room, at least there shouldn’t be. Your room is your sanctuary, and you do pay rent after all. Your roommate also pays rent, so it would be extremely disrespectful to light up in the living room, kitchen, or any other space that the two of you share. Respect your roommate’s wishes and smoke in your room.

Smoke When They’re Not Home

Perhaps the best way to keep your living space harmonious is to only spark one up when your roommate isn’t at home. Hopefully the two of you have opposite work schedules, or they have a girlfriend whose house they spend most of their time at.

Try To Change Their Mind

A lot of the people who don’t like weed, feel that way because they’ve never tried it, and they are usually going off of what they’ve been taught to believe by anti-cannabis propaganda. Luckily now people are beginning to shed old prejudices against pot and most are willing to be a little bit open minded. Your roommate might have also had a bad experience the first time that he tried it. One of my good friends hated weed because he got way too high after eating three cookies. He gave it another try, and now he loves it. See if you can convince your roommate to give pot another shot. Who knows, they might end up becoming a bigger stoner than you.

You Can Always Move

If there’s no way that you can make peace with the roommate who hates reefer, then you can always just move. You shouldn’t have to live with someone who despises your beloved dank so much. If it’s your house and they moved in with you, then you can always help them find a new place to live; Craigslist is pretty great for this type of thing. Now you can find a roommate who doesn’t suck.

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Do you live with a roommate who hates reefer? How have you dealt with it? Share in the comments!