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6 Signs Cannabis Has Gone Mainstream

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Cannabis used to be a part of counterculture. Back when our parents smoked weed it was often called “devil’s lettuce”, and only so-called hippies and disaffected youth smoked grass. Hell, when I first started smoking in the early 2000s, people still weren’t open to admitting their cannabis use. It’s only been in the last seven or so years that people have been open about it. Now, it’s pretty obvious that things have changed. Here are your signs that cannabis has gone mainstream.

A Majority of Adults Support Legalizing Cannabis

A gallup poll from last year showed that a majority of American adults support legalizing cannabis than ever before. Another poll showed that only 14% of Americans think cannabis should be illegal. Results also showed that more people have tried cannabis, than have not. As more states continue to legalize, look for these numbers to get even bigger.

Weed is Everywhere on TV

TV shows featuring people smoking weed are everywhere now and this is a definite sign that cannabis has gone mainstream. A decade ago there were shows like Weeds and That 70’s Show, but one was on paid cable and the other didn’t actually show any doobie smoking. Now, shows about weed are everywhere. I’m not just talking about stoner comedies. There are shows about the cannabis industry on the Discovery channel now.

Most People Use it Medicinally

Most people who use cannabis are using it medically, meaning they see it as a medicine. If cannabis is now seen by the majority of people who use it as something that has medicinal value, rather than as a means to get high. Polls showed that an even higher percentage of people supported legalizing cannabis for medical use, meaning that most of America now sees the medicinal value of cannabis. That’s pretty good progress when you consider that this country used to believe that cannabis use caused demonic possession.

The Celebs Have Jumped on Board

It used to be that when celebrities wanted to promote their brand they would develop a fragrance or a clothing line. Now they are starting their own lines of cannabis products, getting their own strains. Check out Whoopi Goldberg’s line, it’s amazing. It’s only a matter of time before Oprah jumps on board.

Even More States are Expected to Legalize Next Year

Last year a record number of states legalized recreational cannabis. Even more are expected to do it at next year’s midterms. New Jersey’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate is even running on the promise of legalizing recreational cannabis. When a candidate from a major party is running on legalizing cannabis, that’s how you know cannabis has gone mainstream..

There Are Weed Weddings Now

Perhaps the biggest sign cannabis has gone mainstream is that people are even having it at their wedding. Some couples are even choosing to replace the open bar with a cannabis bar. Others are even putting cannabis flower in their bridal bouquets. When weed mania has hit the wedding industry, that’s when you know cannabis has definitely gone mainstream.

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Are there any other signs cannabis has gone mainstream that you can think of? Share in the comments.