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6 Most Devastating Ways To Break A Piece

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For a stoner, there are few things that are more devastating than breaking a piece. These are by far the most devastating ways to break a piece, and I’m pretty sure you’ve experienced at least two thirds of them, some perhaps multiple times.

Letting It Fall From Your Lap

Letting your pipe accidentally fall from your lap onto the floor while you’re loading it is probably one of the most common ways to break a piece, and it’s also one of the most devastating. The thing that sucks the most about breaking a piece in this manner is that you didn’t even get to smoke out of it first! So, yeah that’s a pretty lame way to kill your piece, but it’s not as bad as other ways to kill your piece.

You Or Your Friend Drops It Mid Sesh

Dropping your bong mid-pass, or worse yet, watching one of your friends do it is definitely one of the most devastating ways to kill a piece. What could possibly be more annoying than breaking your piece before you light up? What about breaking your pipe during the middle of a good smoke sesh. Nothing short of maybe a police raid is going to ruin your high like breaking a piece while smoking from it. It’s a drag, but not in the way that you would like.

One Of Your Buddies Breaks Your Pipe While Borrowing It

In addition to being one of the most devastating ways to break a piece, this is also one of the most frustrating ways to break a piece, simply because you’re not even the one who breaks it. You’re also more likely to hear about it from your friend after the fact, than you are to hear it witness it first hand. When your piece’s time has come, it’s better that you’re there for its last moments, right?

Watching A Cop Break It

What can possibly be more devastating than watching a cop break your beloved piece? I still remember the heartbreaking feeling of watching my school’s SRO (School Resource Officer) throwing my little bong in a dumpster. Granted, this was also my fault for bringing it into school, but I digress. Watching a cop smash a piece that you just got last week is akin to watching someone close to you getting iced.

Breaking It While Cleaning It

Cleaning your piece is a hassle, but it’s one of those things that you have to do, so it’s extra annoying when you accidentally break your piece while you’re cleaning it. The only upside is that when you do that there’s no point in continuing to clean it, so at least you don’t have to do that anymore? The fear of doing this is why I’m wary of cleaning some of my older, more rare pieces. 

Breaking A Really Rare Piece

This one has happened to me before. I have a glass bell, which I use for taking knife-hits or spots as they can be referred to. The stem on my bell broke cleanly in half. Ordinarily when that happens you’re pretty upset, but you can always just replace the piece. This is not the case with rare pieces like my bell. Luckily, I was able to carefully salvage it, but I know that piece is on its last life, and it will be a sad day indeed when it finally goes. I’ll might even have a funeral.

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Which do you think is the most devastating way to break a piece? Share your horror stories in the comments!