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6 Materials You Should Not Use To Make A Piece

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Making your own pieces is a skill that everyone should have, even if you have a pretty large collection of glass. You never know when you’ll be in a tight spot where a piece isn’t available. If you like to make your own, there are some materials you should not use to make a piece. If I were you, I would just make sure that I always have something to smoke out of. That’s what chillums are for.


I used to think that the aluminum can pipe was like a rite of passage for every stoner. Typically the first homemade pipe you’d make would be from an aluminum can, then you would move on to bigger and better things, like making a bong from an empty liquor bottle. As it turns out, smoking from aluminum is extremely toxic, and I am a dumbass for ever suggesting it. Let’s leave smoking from an aluminum can in the past where it belongs, with things like frosted tips and raver pants.


I really hope that no one is still making pipes from copper. This used to be really popular back in the nineties and early 2000s when I first started smoking. Copper emits toxic fumes when heated, and you certainly don’t want to be inhaling those fumes into your precious lungs, do you?


Who hasn’t made a bong from a plastic bottle? I’ve probably made about thirty in my lifetime. There’s nothing wrong with a manufactured plastic bong, other than the fact that the taste is subpar. Smoking from a plastic bottle that you made yourself, is not a good idea, especially if you do it often. Unless you’re using a metal or glass slide and downstem, you’re basically smoking plastic. Gross, man.


Nickel is also not as common as it used to be. Generally, if you’re going to the hardware store for smoking materials, this is where you would find it. Nickel is less expensive, so it has a lot of impurities, which you of course don’t want to be inhaling. Even some of the cheaper metal pipes that you can buy from a smoke shop can be nickel plated, so be wary of buying cheap metal pipes. If you like to make metal pipes, just make sure that none of the parts that you buy contain nickel.


Hopefully we are all aware of how toxic PVC is by now. If you’re not aware, then you are now. Making a pipe or a bong from PVC used to be pretty popular because PVC tubing is obviously a good shape for a chamber. PVC is another one of those materials that emit toxic fumes when heated up. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and it’s one of the most common synthetic plastics out there. So if you’re smoking out of PVC, you’re essentially smoking synthetic plastic, which sounds pretty awful.

Galvanized Metal

I don’t know why anyone would use galvanized metal to make a pipe, but galvanized metal fumes are also extremely toxic when you heat them up. Again, if you like to go to Home Depot to make smoking implements, be aware of the types of metals that you decide to use.

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Are there any other materials you should not use to make a piece? Share in the comments!