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6 Key Differences to Consider Between Portable and Desktop Vaporizers

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Expanding your smoking arsenal can be tricky when there are so many options and features to consider before investing. Vaporizing has recently taken the market by storm as a safe and affordable way to consume cannabis. The technology is different from using a bong or smoking a joint because it heats up the cannabis rather than combusting it—this means less harm to your lungs without taking away from the taste. If you’re looking to hop aboard the vaporizer train, you’re first going to have to decide between desktop and portable vaporizers—but which is right for you?

1. On the Go or Just Chilling?

The biggest and most obvious difference between desktop and portable vaporizers is, of course, the size. While a desktop unit is a great option for those who just want to kick back and vape, it won’t be so great when you’re working or traveling. Portable vaporizers like the Pax or Pax 2 are excellent if most of your smoking happens outside the comfort of your home. Vapes like these are small, relatively affordable and very discreet, especially in a world of e-cigarettes.

2. Big or Small Smoke?

With vaporizers like the Volcano, it’s easy to get huge blooms of smoke while vaping, resulting in you feeling couch-locked and deeply medicated. Even with units like the Silver Surfer where you use a hose, you’re guaranteed to get a bigger hit than with any of the smaller vapes. Smaller vaporizers won’t produce as much smoke as their larger counterparts, but on the flip side they will be much easier to store discreetly. If you’re looking to get the same effect as the big boys, just pack your bowl again and vape away.

3. Generic or Personalized?

Portable vaporizers are usually built for convenience. In terms of functionality, most don’t allow for temperature settings, add-ons or other features that can upgrade your vaping experience. If you are picky with your cannabis and want to ensure a personalized smoking experience, pick up a desktop vaporizer and modify it to your liking. Da Buddha is one such device that lets you adjust the temperature and you can turn up the heat for thicker vapor or turn it down for a lighter vaping experience.

4. Sharing or Solo?

Small vaporizers are great for a solo session, but smoking cannabis can also be a social activity after a long day or work or on a relaxing trip to the cabin. Instead of passing your tiny device around for everyone to try, consider a unit like the Life Saber, which can be passed around. The bags can be shared, making this a one-of-a-kind device that will have you and your friends enjoying all the benefits of cannabis.

5. Intense or Light High?

Sharing one of the Life Saber bags amongst a few of your friends is a breeze; you might be able to get even through multiple bags before turning off the device. However, on your own, these bags might get you far more lifted than you intended. If you don’t have the tolerance to handle a larger dose, consider a smaller, portable vape like the Storz and Bickel Mighty Portable Vaporizer that will allow you to dose yourself appropriately.

6. Affordable or Top of the Line?

Vaporizers tend to be more expensive than most smoking apparatuses; there’s a lot of science and technology that goes into even the simplest of vapes. This being said, the price points for these products have substantially decreased. If you are looking for a cheap option, portable vaporizers are the way to go; most range from $80-$200. Desktop vaporizers, however, do give a better experience but are far more expensive, starting at around $150. For this deluxe unit from Easy Vape, you’ll pay almost $800, but it has far more features than your basic vape and is sure to last a lifetime of cannabis consumption.

Overall, the device you choose should be entirely based on your smoking lifestyle. Portable vapes allow for stealth use on the go, while desktop units provide a far superior cannabis experience. Either way, making the switch from traditional smoking to vaporizing will not only be good your lungs, but will also amplify your cannabis experience.

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