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6 Hilarious Pranks To Pull On Your Stoner Friends

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Pranks are fun to pull on people, especially if you’re really good at it. They’re even funnier to pull on your friends when they’re incredibly baked. If you’re trying to figure out something to do after toking up, try some of these hilarious pranks.

Glue A Quarter To The Floor

This is a classic prank, but it’s even funnier when you pull it on a friend when they’re high. Super glue a quarter to their linoleum floor and crack up while watching them try to pick it up. The more baked they are, the longer it will take for them to figure it out.

Mess With Your Friend’s Contacts

This hilarious prank is great to pull on one of your more paranoid friends, especially if they live with their parents. When they aren’t looking swipe their phone and change your name to their mom’s. Then text your friend something like, “I found marijuana in your room and we need to talk.” Watch them freak out for a couple minutes and then reveal that it’s you texting them.

Take A Sharpie And Draw Faces On Their Eggs

When you’re alone in your friend’s kitchen, take a sharpie and draw angry faces on their eggs. You might not be around to see their face when they go to make breakfast the next morning, but I guarantee you it will be classic “wtf.” If you want to speed up the process, suggest making a snack that involves eggs shortly after you do it. Make sure to get a picture!

Mess With The Auto Correct In Their Phone

This one takes a bit of time, but the results are worth it. Nab one of your friend’s phones and change the settings so their phone will autocorrect a common word to a funny one. For example you could set it to change “now” to “meow”. For iOS go to  settings, general, keyboard, text replacement. Under shortcut enter the word you want replaced. Make sure to pick a common word. Next, add the funny word under  phrase. For Android pull down the  notifications bar at the top of the screen, select settings, language input, personal dictionary, press the plus sign and add your word.

Make Them Think Their Phone Is Broken

Get a hold of your friend’s phone and take a screenshot of their home page. Move all the apps to another page so their screen is clear. Then make the screenshot you just took their wallpaper. Sit back and watch the fun! If you can’t get their phone, then try doing this with their PC. After getting a screenshot of their desktop, remove all the shortcuts on their desktop background and then set the screenshot as the wallpaper. Watch them furiously click on the icons while feigning confusion. This is especially funny to pull on people who are both really high and not that great with computers.

Open All The Cabinets And Drawers In Your Friend’s Kitchen

After smoking a couple bong bowls, make your way into your friend’s kitchen and open all the drawers and cabinets you can find. Sneak out casually and wait for your friend to go into the kitchen for munchies. When they ask if you did it, tell them they must have a ghost haunting them. They’ll figure out it was you pretty quickly, but the look on their face will be priceless.

There are some who say that it’s mean to pull pranks on your friends when they’re stoned. These people don’t know how to have fun because pranks are hilarious. Careful though, you might start a prank war!

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What hilarious pranks have you played on your stoned friends? Share your funny stories in the comments!