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6 Habits Of The High Functioning Stoner

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As a cannabis enthusiast, you may have been told that you need to quit smoking weed in order to get anywhere in life. This is complete bullshit. So, how does one go about being a high functioning stoner? A lot of it is being responsible and using common sense; you know, being an adult.

Learn How Not To Overdo It

Perhaps the most important thing to remember if you want to be a high functioning stoner, is to be mindful of your limits. If you are constantly smoking way more weed than you need to, then you’re going to be spending a lot more time on the couch trying to “sleep it off”. You can absolutely still smoke up everyday, you just have to learn the fine art of moderation.

Smoke The Right Strains

Along with moderation, you also have to learn when to smoke different strains. When I say that I mean, don’t smoke an indica before you have to go to work or go take a test. If you need a good night’s sleep, don’t smoke a sativa; this will keep you up all night. When you need to do something that requires creativity, then smoke a sativa. I find that when I need to write a paper for school, there’s nothing better for inspiration like a good Sour Diesel.

Buy More At Once

Unless you live somewhere where you have the option to go to the dispensary, picking up can be quite the time consuming hassle. When you have to focus your time and energy on picking up, obviously it takes time away from doing more productive things. This is why you should buy bigger amounts like quarters or half o’s. This will also save you money. If you’re thinking that this will cause you to smoke more, refer back to the first thing I said about moderation.

Stay Active

There’s nothing wrong with chilling after smoking up, but this becomes an issue when you do it all the time. Make an effort to go out and do something after toking, whether this is going for a walk, playing guitar, or finally doing those dishes that have been piling up in your sink for a week.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

Make sure that the people that you choose to spend your time with are people that aren’t holding you back. There’s nothing wrong with hanging out with your buddy who only wants to play Fallout 4 after smoking, but of you hang out with him all of the time, then you will begin to emulate his lifestyle. Surround yourself with chill people, but make sure that they are also motivated and have goals.

Smoke At The Right Times

I know, every time is the right time to smoke, haha. Seriously though, there are times when it is perhaps better to be sober. Don’t smoke up before you go take a test, or go meet your girlfriend’s parents. It’s okay to smoke before work, if you have a job that you can do stoned, just don’t go to the job interview baked out of your mind. Also, don’t smoke before going to court.

It’s really easy to become a high functioning stoner once you get the hang of it. It’s certainly easier than being a functioning alcoholic. Don’t use cannabis as a crutch, use it as a reward. It’s really all about using common sense.

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