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6 Awesome Tools That Allow You To Get Baked In Public

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So you’re out and about and want to get baked, but you need to be sly about it. Joints and blunts are great, but they can be a bit obvious (it is pretty hard to pass off a joint as a cigarette). Try some of these innovative products next time for incognito inebriation.

G Pen

Vaping is the all the rage, whether you’re smoking cannabis or just nicotine. Since vapes are everywhere now, it’s extremely easy to toke up while you’re walking down the street in broad daylight. I’ve done it many times and no one has looked twice at me. One of the biggest advantages of using a G Pen is that it emits no residual odor. G Pens also look like any run-of-the-mill vape to the untrained eye. Just don’t use it in any place where smoking a cigarette or vaping would not be allowed. This will draw unwanted attention to you. You can find a G Pen here.

Smoking Buddy

For those of you who are not aware, a Smoking Buddy is the same thing as a spoof, which is the name for the toilet paper tube and dryer sheet contraption that you use to cover up that pungent aroma that comes from smoking a good bowl. Smoking buddies are not supposed to be used while walking down the street because that would be obvious. They’re more suited for toking up in alleys, or behind buildings because they mask the smell of a joint, or whatever it is that you’re smoking.


When it comes to smoking in public, it’s hard to say no to a good old fashioned chillum. They’re easy to hide and if you’re using the right one, no one will notice. The best chillums for smoking in public are the ones that look like a cigarette. You can find them at pretty much any regular smoke shop. You can also pick up a good chillum here.

Genius Pipe

A Genius Pipe is a handy little contraption that looks similar to a Swiss Army knife or a Leatherman. It’s a one hitter that in no way resembles a chillem or a cigarette. It works just the way a Swiss Army knife does by folding up into an easily concealable form when it’s not in use. The best part about a Genius Pipe is that it also filters out tar and other harmful carcinogens when you smoke it, so you’re also getting a much more pure high.


If you want to get baked in public, but don’t want to risk getting caught toking up, there’s no better way than simply eating an edible. You can do edibles anywhere because they look just like regular food. Eat a brownie while sitting on a park bench. Pop a gummy in your mouth while waiting to be served in a restaurant. Suck on a weed lollipop while you’re sitting and waiting for a bus. There’s no smell and more importantly, no evidence left behind. You just eat it and go.


If you don’t want to smoke and you’re not into eating edibles, you can always use a cannabis tincture. Tinctures can be used by applying them under your tongue, or putting them into a drink or your food. Tinctures take about an hour to kick in so you can even use them before leaving the safety of your house. Tinctures are also very helpful for when you want to ensure that you don’t get too high before going into a public setting because they allow you to control the dosage that you take, even more so than an edible.

I’d feel safe using any of these in public, and some of these I have used many times and never been caught. The key is to be cool and try not to look too guilty. Don’t vape anywhere smoking a cigarette wouldn’t be allowed. If you want to do edibles in public then avoid carrying around the ones that are obviously edibles. As always, use your best judgment.

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