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50 Reasons To Get High!

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Smoking cannabis props you up for a different experience, a different set of goals that you’re working towards. As you get more experienced with cannabis, you eventually come to the point where you realize you can’t always sacrifice your day to the will of the bud, you need to do real things, you need to “adult” for a few hours, if you know what I mean. When you reach this point, however, you actually open yourself up to the true realm of opportunities that cannabis has to offer.

1. Before making breakfast.
2. Before eating breakfast.
3. Going to go on a run.
4. Going on a hike.
5. About to have sex.
6. Just had sex.

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7. Going to see a movie.
8. Going to a concert.
9. Going out to eat.
10. Literally to do anything outside.
11. Wanted to get your friend high.
12. Wanted to get your pet high.
13. Wanted to get your parents high.
14. To try out a new joint style.
15. Wanted to show off your new glass.

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16. Need to blow off some smoke.
17. To get over a bad day.
18. To celebrate a good day.
19. Wake ‘n bake!
20. To help you sleep.
21. To help you focus.
22. So you don’t have to focus.
23. Waiting.
24. To relieve physical pain.
25. To relieve stress.
26. You need a creative boost.
27. About to see your parents.
28. About to go to work. (I don’t condone this, but at the same time I don’t deny it.)
29. Cramming for a test. (See above.)
30. Listening to a new album.
31. Your friend rolled a joint. (or blunt.)

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32. To look at the stars.
33. To help a friend through a bad day.
34. You’re almost out of weed.
35. You found a forgotten stash of weed.
36. You bought more weed.
37. Had a near death experience.
38. Ran out of things to talk about.
39. After a successful date (or an unsuccessful one).
40. Someone gave you free bud.
41. Found out Uncle Jerry smokes bud too. (Also applicable to pretty much anyone you didn’t know smoked.)
42. It’s 4:20!
43. It’s 4:20… somewhere!
44. Just got done with something you didn’t want to do.
45. To help you be honest.
46. When you and someone you know need to talk it out.
47. You need something to get the taste of shitty beer out of your mouth.
48. To show your love of cannabis at a rally.
49. To reminisce about good times.
50.┬áLet’s be honest here, because getting high is fun.

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Although there are a lot of reasons here, I’m sure we’ve only scratched the surface for reasons to get stoned. In fact, it might just be easier to list reasons to NOT get stoned! For what other reasons do you smoke cannabis? Share with us in the comments!