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5 Ways You’ve Accidentally Offended Your Stoner Friend

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Nobody goes out of their way to purposefully offend someone, unless they’re an asshole. There are probably little things that you’re doing which have accidentally offended your stoner friend without you even realizing it. If you’re doing any of these things, then you’ve probably offended your stoner friend.

Dissing The Quality Of Their Herb

I hope you don’t come right out and tell someone who’s smoking you out that their herb sucks. If you do, then you are a massive dickhead. When someone invites you over to their house for dinner, do you tell them that their cooking is bad, or that you’re used to much higher quality food? No, you graciously accept their food, and then laugh about how shitty it was later after you leave. When someone is smoking you out, then you should extend them the same courtesy.

Telling Them They Smoke Too Much

If you really want to offend your stoner friend, you can always tell them that they smoke too much weed. Unless you are dating this person, it’s not really your business to tell them that they smoke too much. “Too much” is a pretty subjective term anyway. Do they still go to work everyday? Are they still paying their bills? Unless they are smoking all of your weed, you don’t need to concern yourself with how much they are smoking.

Using Them For Their Smoke

Everyone has that one friend who only comes around when they know you have weed. They come over under the guise of wanting to chill, and then leave as soon as the bowl is cashed. Sometimes they even have the nerve to ask you to kick them down a bowl before they jet out the door. If this is something that you are doing, then you need to stop and find your own hookup. If you are using someone for their smoke then come right out and ask them to smoke you out; nothing has offended your stoner friend more than you thinking that you’re being all sly. You’re not fooling them.

Posting A Picture Of Them Toking Up On Facebook

Some people wear their stoner label like a badge of honor, others would prefer not to advertise to the world that they’re down with the dank. You should never post a picture of someone online without their permission, and this goes doubly if it’s a picture of them doing something that is still illegal in some places. This wasn’t so much of an issue when Facebook was just for college kids, but now everyone, including your stoner friend’s 85 year old grandmother is on Facebook. Also, current and potential employers check Facebook, and you don’t want to be responsible for your stoner friend losing their job.

Not Knowing Anything About Weed

We all had to start from the beginning at some point, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You should however, make an effort to educate yourself. If your hookup is telling you about the strain you’re smoking, you should listen to what they are saying. You should not say something like, “it’s all just weed to me,” or “it all smokes the same,” or “I don’t care what it’s called, just load the bowl.” Stoners love their herb, and you choosing to remain ignorant is a bit disrespectful; I’m not saying that you should pursue a doctorate in ganja knowledge, but it would help you to know about what you are putting into your body. On the same subject, there’s only so many times you can get away with now knowing how to smoke from a pipe correctly. Your stoner friend doesn’t mind helping you out, but they don’t want to babysit you either.

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What other ways have you accidentally offended your stoner friend? Share in the comments!