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5 Ways To Stop Smelling So Dank

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There’s no doubt that one of the best things about smoking weed is the wonderful smell of a newly packed bowl, or a freshly rolled joint. Unfortunately, that potent aroma can be difficult to disguise. Fortunately, smokers are incredibly innovative when it comes to coming up with ways to cover up that cannabis.

Toilet paper roll and a dryer sheet-”Spoof”

This is the perfect trick for covering up the smell, whether you live with your parents, non smoker friendly roommates or a strict spouse. All you’ll need is a discarded toilet paper roll, a fresh dryer sheet and a rubber band. Simply place the dryer sheet over one end of the toilet paper roll, then attach it using the rubber band. After taking your hit, exhale into the open end of the roll. The smoke will dissipate through the dryer sheet, not only covering up the strong odor of freshly smoked buds, but also hiding the fact that you haven’t done laundry in a while.

Good old fashioned incense

There’s a reason why incense has been used by smokers for years. Incense is one of the tried and true methods of hippies all across this great land. There are many reasons to use it.The smell is potent, yet soothing. Incense holders look cool, and you can light an incense and simply forget about it, as opposed to a candle which could potentially be dangerous if you’re a forgetful or clumsy stoner.

Hair spray or body spray

Be careful with this one. If you use too much it’ll be extremely obvious that you are trying to cover something up (or people will assume that you haven’t showered). Amateurs are usually good about spraying down their clothes and torso, but most do not even think about the smell of their hair. This is especially important if you are trying to hide the habit from someone who will be getting close to you like a parent or romantic partner. Again, there is no need to douse yourself; a couple sprays should do the trick.

Eat some ginger

This trick is not well known so it should be fool-proof. Anyone who has smelled ginger can tell you how potent it is. Eating a small piece of ginger after smoking up is guaranteed to cover up any lingering smell on your breath, and at the same time, cure cotton mouth. The smell of ginger is also longer lasting than gum, so you won’t have to pop five pieces into your mouth at a time. Ginger is also very beneficial to your health, in particular the stomach. You’ll look health conscious and also take care of the munchies!


Make sure that you do not forget to cover up the smell on your hands! You were not only just holding a pipe or joint, you were also handling fresh buds, so your hands will be a dead giveaway. Many smokers like to use hand sanitizer, which does work, but can also horribly dry out your hands if used too frequently. A good lotion, either scented or unscented, will do the trick. I prefer to use hemp lotion, which doesn’t have artificial chemicals and smells great!

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What other methods have you used to hide your habit? Let us know in the comments!