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How PenSimple Forever Changed The Way I Toke

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Everyone knows that the most tedious part of smoking weed is grinding and loading the bowl. As you smoke throughout the session or circle this process only gets longer as you take longer to grind your bud, end up dropping pinches of green, and so on. Put those times in the past with PenSimple! This amazing little bugger is a pen that you simply load nugs into, grind manually, and will automatically dispense ground-bud at the tip for perfect bowls, every time.

1. I Never Spill Bud When Loading My Bowls

Now I’m not a particularly clumsy person, however I still always loaded bowls over a table or desk in case I drop any greens, with PenSimple that thought hardly crosses my mind. The focused tip of the device allows me to fill even tiny chillum and one-hitter bowls without worry of any bud flying awry.

2. My Joint Rolling Game Has Never Been So Strong

One of the most difficult parts of rolling joints is getting the bud evenly dispersed within the paper while maintaining a cylindrical shape, with PenSimple, rolling joints has never been easier. Whether you simply utilize the pen to disperse the perfect amount of bud onto your paper, or you use it to fill a pre-rolled cone in a matter of seconds, the PenSimple will cut down your joint rolling time considerably without sacrificing quality.

3. On-The-Go Toking Got A Serious Upgrade

Getting ready to hit the down? Going for a long hike? Simply leaving home for an overnighter? PenSimple will make all of your on-the-go toking troubles instantly disappear. Whenever I go out for an extended period of time with my PenSimple I take out the removable grinder pieces so I can load as much into it as possible, which is a whopping 3 grams! (That’s quite a few bowls, folks.) Not only is PenSimple the ultimate carrying device for all the greens you’ll need on your adventure, it also makes bowl-loading on the move a breeze. No more will you be dropping pinches while walking on the trail or riding in the car, simply point and press directly into the bowl and voil√†!

4. It’s The Perfect One-Hitter And Personal Vape Loader

Because of the pen’s focused end, it’s never been easier to fill up chillums or one-hitters. No longer do you need to grab a half-pinch of green and try to push it into the bowl, the PenSimple will do all the work for you with a quick press of the dispense button. PenSimple is also fantastic for when you want to simply load individual hits into your bowl. Whenever I smoke moaks (weed and tobacco in the same bowl) I always like to load it one hit at a time, instead of filling a whole bowl of the harsh tobacco. PenSimple makes this a breeze since after every hit I simply need to drop another dollop of moak out of my pen and we’re ready to go again!

If you want to experience a truly magical combination of technology and toking, take your PenSimple and favorite handheld herb vaporizer on the go! There’s nothing better than puffing on your PAX 2 vaporizer, dumping out the ash, and reloading the bud chamber within seconds to get right back to vaping. You won’t have to worry about the small herb compartments in your vape or the need to carry around bag or jar to reload, simply load up your PenSimple before-hand and be ready for anything. Talk about a discrete¬†and efficient way to toke!

5. The Circle Has Never Been So Efficient

In the past the beginning of every circle would begin with the same question, “Who throws down first?” This question is usually followed by everyone producing their contributions and debating who should fill the bowl from their grinder. With PenSimple I simply tell all of my friends to throw in a nug with me, grind it up, and all of our bud is perfectly ground and mixed together in the PenSimple, ready to be loaded and toked. Even as the night progresses, more bowls are smoked, and we get a little clumsy, the PenSimple still has our back. Since it holds enough to fill several bowls from that first loading we simply need to aim and shoot, instead of worrying about dropping a pinch of shake.

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