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5 Ways Marijuana Can Enhance Your Relationships

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For many people, finding someone who shares your love for cannabis is a major bonus. Sure, everyone should be respected for their likes and dislikes, but finding a significant other who complements your lifestyle is where true love can blossom. Beyond helping couples bond while sharing a bowl, cannabis’ effects on those who smoke may just be the secret ingredient to a long, happy partnership. Here are 5 ways cannabis can enhance your relationships.

1. Inspires You In The Bedroom

Photo Credit: Alejandra Quiraz


Studies have shown that cannabis can enhance the feeling of arousal and increased sexual pleasure in some users. Because the plant can distort users’ sense of time, it may result in the sensation of prolonged orgasm and arousal. Marijuana can also make sex more comfortable by helping you relax and alleviate some of the awkwardness that comes with new partners or trying new things in the bedroom. However, some users have experienced reduced libido when consuming cannabis, so make sure you know how it affects you specifically.

2. Helps You Relax

Because couples are often trying to balance work, friends, family and play, most don’t have the luxury of a stress-free life. Being together should be an escape from all the madness, and cannabis can provide you with the perfect way to do so, by relaxing together. No matter how you like to consume marijuana, take a break from your whirlwind schedules and find the time to enjoy each other’s company under the soothing influence of the bud.

3. Encourages A Creative Partnership

Photo Credit: John-Morgan


Being in a relationship can lead you to explore activities and hobbies that you never thought you would enjoy and using cannabis can help you expand your horizons even further. Whether it’s writing, painting or sculpting, cannabis can inspire you and your partner to come together creatively and leave your inhibitions behind. In fact, marijuana has been proven to stimulate divergent thinking, which can help you to think more creatively and connect ideas you hadn’t before. Try something new with your partner and see what exciting heights the two of you can reach together.

4. Limits Domestic Violence

Researchers in New York studied 634 couples and determined that use of marijuana by couples is also linked to less spousal violence. They don’t link the drug to better problem-solving skills, but they do say “that it is possible, for example, that—similar to a drinking partnership—couples who use marijuana together may share similar values and social circles, and it is this similarity that is responsible for reducing the likelihood of conflict.” For some, cannabis allows users to clear their minds and consider a fresh perspective during a conflict. Along with this, it can relieve tension and anxiety, which could help you and your partner resolve any disagreements more effectively.

5. Helps You Be A Loyal Partner

Photo Credit: Scott Webb


According to a survey by, marijuana users are moral and selfless in their romantic relationships. The survey asked over 1,200 members four questions to better gauge cannabis users’ view on relationships. Results indicated that all but 2% of cannabis smokers wouldn’t cheat even if they knew they wouldn’t get caught. It also concluded that 77.8% of cannabis smokers put their partner’s sexual pleasure before their own.

Whether you want to explore new hobbies, be more intimate or simply relax and unwind together, consuming marijuana can positively affect your relationships in many ways. For any cannabis Casanovas out there, consider looking for someone who enjoys the same lifestyle as you to ensure the two of you share a bond based on love and the bud.

Feature Image: Stokkete / Shutterstock