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5 Ways To Enjoy Cannabis Without Smoking

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My favorite way to enjoy cannabis is for a nicely rolled joint, but just because I like smoking joints doesn’t mean I don’t respect the variety that cannabis has to offer. In fact, I like to try and expand my horizons as much as I can in the cannabis world. I want to feel confident in my claims about cannabis, so I try to explore what else there is out there. As far as enjoying cannabis without smoking, the possibilities has expanded greatly over the past few years, check out some of the most interesting ways you can enjoy cannabis without smoking!

1. Vaporizing

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From handhelds to desktop vaporizers, the art of dry-heating your cannabis to the point of THC vaporization is actually much healthier than regular smoking. The amount of carcinogens is greatly reduced, as well as the heat required to vaporize THC is much less than what the temperature is of burning bud. Specifically, vaporization occurs around 280 degrees Fahrenheit, with combustion not occurring until about 440 degrees. Vaporizers are also incredibly versatile, coming in handhelds that can smoke flower, hash, or even concentrates, and similar varieties exist for desktops as well, allowing you to find the perfect vaporizer for whatever your needs.

2. Edibles

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Of course we all have fantasies of that perfect bud brownie that we can eat right before the concert and be flying high at the time the main act takes the stage. Edibles are one of the best ways to ingest cannabis, so long as you can get your dosage right. Without any combustion process, no need to vaporize, it can seem like edibles are one of the healthiest ways to enjoy cannabis, however what is gained with comfort is often lost in control. While you can definitely get to the point of relative consistency with your at-home edible baking, the beauty of legalization of cannabis is the ability to commercialize edibles, in my opinion, which has usually has strict dosage consistency requirements so you know exactly how much to eat every time after a little practice.

3. Topical Cremes

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The development of various topical cremes has made breakthroughs in pain-management. These cremes have been developed to help various forms of body pain, irritation, stiffness, providing pain-relieving effects without getting the user stoned. Although it doesn’t get you high, the benefits of that kind of pain-relief can’t be ignored, making it also a great consideration for those who utilize cannabis for medical reasons, but still don’t want the effects of being stoned.

4. Supplements

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For the same effects as edibles with consistency, and without the requirement of actually eating, cannabis-oil supplements might be the choice for you! Generally these capsules are meant for medical use, as they are generally just oil-infused pills, used mainly to combat pain, however can also be sold at some recreational dispensaries.

5. Tinctures

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You’ve likely heard about tinctures as one of the breakthrough methods of utilizing cannabis to suppress symptoms of epilepsy. It’s a droplet of THC compound mixed placed on an alcohol soak right under the tongue, and it’s effects are apparently immediate, due to the direct connection to the bloodstream. There are a variety of levels in potency, strain, and flavors available to fit whatever your needs are.

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What’s your favorite way to enjoy cannabis without smoking? Is it listed, or did we miss it? Let us know in the comments!