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5 Ways Climate Change Could Affect Cannabis

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When most of us think about the future of cannabis, we probably think about legalization, right? While legalization is undoubtedly the most important issue regarding cannabis, it’s time to look at how cannabis may be affected by another issue facing our planet. I’m talking of course, about climate change. So will climate change affect our ability to cultivate cannabis?

We Could End Up With More Room To Grow It

One of the biggest environmental impacts of growing cannabis is the amount of land that it takes. Now, as legalization slowly spreads across the globe, demand is increasing, as is the demand for land to grow it on. One of the effects of climate change is warmer temperatures in higher elevations. Naturally, this will mean that people will be able to grow cannabis at higher elevations. Cannabis is pretty tough as far as plants go.

Potency May Increase

It is extremely likely that as global temperatures rise, so will the potency of our plants. According to many botanists, as a plant is faced with tougher conditions like extreme heat, cold, disease, etc., it will release more of its medicinal properties. Carbs and proteins are converted to metabolites for the purpose of defending the plant from these extreme conditions. So at least we can be really baked as we watch the oil and gas industry frack the planet to death.

Possible Water Shortage

The only upside to this, is that since cannabis is a weed, it doesn’t require as much water as other plants. A cannabis plant by itself does not require a lot of water to survive, but a large crop can really add up, especially if there are multiple crops. If climate change does cause a water shortage, then cannabis is probably the only plant that will thrive in this environment. Why is this?

Cannabis Could Require Less Water

There are some botanists who claim that as drought increases, the cannabis plant will adapt to require even less water than it does right now. As I’ve said before, cannabis is a type of weed, and weeds are typically very good at adapting to extreme conditions, such as those that would be brought on by a drought. We could see an overall increase in the number of cannabis plants.

Hemp May Be Seen As The Best Alternative Fuel

The most interesting thing about cannabis and climate change is how this may affect legalization. Cannabis is a hearty plant that can survive the extreme conditions that will be brought on by climate change. Hemp is a very useful plant that can even be used for fuel. There may come a point where cannabis is finally seen not only as a viable alternative fuel, but the best one that we have. Cannabis could save the planet.

This doesn’t mean that we should be excited for climate change because we’ll have more potent pot. We need to continue the fight for legalization, so that we can finally start utilizing hemp for the versatile plant that it is.

Image Source: Tech Crunch

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