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5 Ways Cannabis Improves Your Productivity

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When trying to improve one’s productivity, you might not initially think about smoking a couple bowls. While cannabis is a superb tool for relaxation and non-productive time, it’s important to consider how cannabis improves your productivity with the overall benefits that it provides to the human body.

1. Reduces Distractions

After a few rips, it’s easy to get lost into a TV show or book, but it’s also just as easy to get lost into a time-consuming project, or your work. With cannabis, you can dedicate real time to get things done, especially if you put on some headphones with music that will get you pumped for the work you’re doing.

2. Helps You Sleep Better

Just as important as being focused in the moment, is taking care of your body in order to handle all of the things on your plate. It’s a common occurrence for individuals who have demanding jobs or are currently juggling multiple projects to experience insomnia, or difficulty sleeping. Cannabis has been shown to reduce symptoms of insomnia, and I can say from personal experience that there’s nothing like going to bed high and waking up in the morning totally refreshed. Having a wholesome, regular, sleep schedule is essential for you to stay on track and be productive throughout the day.

3. It’s Relaxing, Yet Not Debilitating

If you feel like you just need to take a step back from your work, or you feel like there’s just too much, cannabis is a much better choice than alcohol to relax your mind while still getting some work done. Whereas with alcohol most individuals experience impaired judgement and reasoning after a few drinks, individuals who smoke cannabis don’t usually report such symptoms.

4. Encourages You To Eat

In the same way that you need to be making sure your body has enough sleep, you need to make sure your body has enough food to be able to get you through your work. Although I truly love food, it’s very easy for me to get distracted for hours at work and not consider stepping out to eat. This is where the munchies is actually a good thing. It’s important to step away from work, relax, and eat some good food. Without food, you’ll eventually have no energy whatsoever to get good work done, so smoke a bowl, make some soup and grilled cheese, and take a lunch break.

5. Improves Overall Creativity

Of course, one of the best in the moment benefits that comes from cannabis is the improved sense of creativity. Cannabis can open doors for your mind that you may not have considered in a sober state, or allows you to solve problems in a different way than you were previously attempting. Even if it’s not while you’re directly working, your mind works on issues even when it’s not in front of you, and relaxing your mind could improve the likelihood of you coming up with a answer in a timely manner.

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In what other ways has cannabis improved your productivity? Share in the comments!