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5 Ways Cannabis Lights Up Your Love Life

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It’s Valentine’s Day, so it’s time to talk about the one you love: cannabis. I kid, of course, though Lady Mary Jane is my girl through and through. She also helps out in my relationship with my boyfriend. I’m more chill than a lot of girlfriends, I laugh at everything, I make awesome food, and I’m less bitchy during that time of the month. Whether you’re trying to meet someone, or you’ve been in the same relationship for five years, there are lots of ways cannabis helps your love life.

Cannabis Makes It Easier To Talk To People

Meeting new people is a frightening and sometimes irritating experience, at least for some of us. Cannabis is great for introverts like me who would sometimes rather chew broken glass than try to converse with strangers. This can make meeting a potential love interest a bit of a daunting task. I didn’t even try to attempt dating until I started smoking weed, since then I’ve not had an issue. You know why? Cannabis is great for alleviating anxiety, especially social anxiety, which is my issue. You want to get to know that cute girl in your Econ class? Pick up the pipe and see how you feel about it afterward.

Couples Who Smoke Together Are Less Likely To Fight

Any stoner who has been in a relationship with both stoners and non stoners is probably thinking, well duh. Any relationship I’ve been in has always been a lot more chill when cannabis has been involved. This is not just anecdotal evidence on my part. There is actual science to back this up. Cannabis also chills you out, so it helps you when picking your battles. This means that when you do fight, you’re not fighting about petty bullshit. 

Girls Love A Sense Of Humor

Stoner guys are hilarious, and one thing that girls love is a sense of humor. There’s something about stoner guys that just makes them seem funnier than other guys, and I’m not referring to jokes about smoking weed, or other types of stoner humor. That shit even gets old to stoners after a while. I think part of it goes back to my first point, that cannabis makes a person more comfortable when talking to people. I feel like smoking weed makes pretty much everything funnier, which really helps with your sense of humor, you know?

Conversation Never Gets Old

Sometimes you get to a point in a long term relationship where you run out of things to talk about. Then you end up just not talking, or only talking about mundane crap like your day at work. One of the things that I love the most about smoking weed, and definitely one of the things that helps your love life, is that it gives me the ability to talk about anything. Stoned conversations can go on for hours and never grow stale. These types of conversations are great for forming lasting bonds in your relationship.

Stoned Sex Is Awesome

My last point, and probably the one that should seem the most obvious the sex. While it’s not the most important part of the relationship we can all agree that it’s pretty important, right? Cannabis makes all aspects of sex better. You feel great, it’s easier to connect with your partner. There’s also the small fact that cannabis makes it easier for some women to orgasm. That should be reason enough right there.

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In what other ways has cannabis helped your love life? Share in the comments!