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5 Ways Cannabis Expands Your Mind

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Everybody always says the first time you get high will change your perspective forever. There’s something about the ineffable experience that is being stoned that ends up shifting the pillars of our minds and fixes us onto a new, wider perspective of the world. Toking doesn’t take you to another world, it just opens you up to the one you’re in. Don’t believe me? Check it out.

1. It will lead to you becoming more inventive

I can’t tell you the type of things that I’ve learned since I had my first toke. The first pipe I ever saw was made out of an old Diet Pepsi can, and from there the homemade contraptions only became more complicated. You can’t imagine my wonder the first time I witnessed the cloudy smoke filling the bottle in a gravity bong. Since then I’ve seen thousand-dollar bongs with several sets of percolators, and I’ve seen homemade double-decker gravity bongs that has connections to attach an ice-chamber and a spoof, and the future only holds more possibilities for toking technology, so long as there are stoners to research it.

2. You’ll attain a greater appreciation for the Earth

Sooner or later, like all stoners, you’ll probably trying your hand at growing a plant for yourself. (It’s okay, we won’t tell!) And by doing so, you probably delved into the realm of farming and plant biology and nutrients and gained a intricate understanding as to all the effort that really goes into sustaining life. Even if you haven’t attempted this endeavor yet, you may find that cannabis unlocks a potential to connect with nature in a way that is indescribably personal, and beautiful. This connection and appreciation will lead you to respect the Earth more, and feel a bond. Who knows? Maybe you’ll start to recycle!

3. It leads you to interesting places and events

Being a stoner provides you with totally valid reason travel to the beautiful and totally weed-friendly locales of the world, giving you more places to add to your travel journal. Every person ought to travel to a few various locales in their life in order to get a sense of how various cultures exist and interact with one another. Cannabis can be found pretty much all around the world, and has been used for thousands of years by various cultures, so it also might act as a point of common ground on your travels!

4. Some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet will be stoners

Let’s be real, half of the time spent toking with friends is time spent chatting it up. You’re talking about the latest sports scores, the latest movies, the best music, and your favorite memories. Times you’ve gotten too high, times you got high and forgot to do something important, times you got stoned and… just forgot what you were talking about. The stories passed on from stoner to stoner teach you how to properly load a bowl, how to identify someone willing to share the green, and even about how to find a place to crash. Stoner wisdom is life wisdom, and history, so as you’re passing around stories and tips, you’re also helping maintain the history of the stoner revolution, so keep it up!

5. It will change your views on… pretty much everything.

Although the most important thing about cannabis for most people is the fact that it gets you high, cannabis (and hemp) have so many more purposes than just that. From reducing the size of your medicine cabinet by over half, to discovering all of the multitudes of uses for hemp products, you’ll begin to be seeing green everywhere, and wondering why other’s aren’t too.

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Cannabis has been the one thing in my life that I can say for sure has led me down a definitive path towards my career, and finding myself. How has cannabis expanded your horizons? Let us know in the comments!