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5 Things That WON’T Get You Higher

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There are a number of things that you can do to enhance your high; there are also some things that just won’t get you higher at all. Don’t waste your time on any of these things.


This is an urban legend that has been around since your parents were smoking weed. The saying goes, “the more you cough, the more you get off.” This is not true, I can say this because I used to cough all the time. All that it does is make your throat hurt. If you’re coughing a lot, try taking smaller hits.

Mixing With Alcohol

Mixing smoking weed with drinking alcohol will get you messed up, but not in a good way. It’s okay to smoke before you start drinking, but once you’re sauced it’s best to pass on the pipe. That is unless you like the spins?

Eating Your Stash

You can’t get high from eating raw flower. The only way that you’re going to get high from eating weed is from edibles, which is for a very specific reason. Don’t eat your buds, you’re just wasting that shit. Give it to me instead.

Drinking Bong Water

I don’t know how people came to believe that drinking bong water will get you high, but it won’t and it tastes gross also. The nasty grime that ends up in your bong water was meant to be thrown away, not drank. Trust me, there’s no THC in there. This leads me to…

Smoking Dried Bong Grime

I tried this once when I was desperate on the advice of a roommate. I collected all the nasty crap in my bong and let it dry for a couple days. I was told that it would be like resin. That person was wrong. I did get a headache and a nasty taste in my mouth for a day, so it was definitely not worth it.

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What things have you tried that did not get you any higher? Share in the comments!