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5 Things That Are Way Funnier When You’re Baked

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Smoking weed tends to change your perspective on things. Colors look brighter, food tastes better than usual. Some things are also way funnier when you’re baked.

Certain Words

You know that feeling you get when you say certain words over and over again and they start to sound really weird? Well, try that the next time you’re high. Words such as “door” and especially “sandwich” sound really funny when you say them repeatedly. Go ahead try it.

Watching Cats

Watching your cat bug out over things is pretty funny when you’re sober, but it’s endlessly entertaining when you’re high. Next time you blaze one up, give your cat some cat nip so they can enjoy a good high as well. Then watch them roll around on the floor, and chase after their own shadow. Even better if you have two.

Kids Cartoons

Have you ever gone back and watched some of the old cartoons you used to watch as a kid while you’re baked? They sneak in some pretty funny jokes that definitely went over your head when you were younger.

Every Stoner Comedy Ever

There are some pretty great stoner comedies out there, but let’s be honest, some rely on tired stereotypes and dumb humor. Not when you’re baked though. The most mundane stoner joke is hilarious when you’re smoking right along with them.

Puns And Lame Jokes

Speaking of humor, puns and those lame jokes you find on popsicle sticks and candy wrappers are way funnier when you’re baked. Seriously, stuff that would normally make you groan, will make you cackle after blazing up. As a plus you get to eat a ton of popsicles and candy.

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What other things are way funnier to you when you’re baked? Share in the comments!