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5 Things That Will Make Any Stoner’s Day

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As far as people go, stoners are pretty low maintenance. It doesn’t take a whole lot to keep us happy, as long as we have some dank and something to smoke it out of. There are certain things that when they happen will make any stoner’s day. To be happy in life you have to learn to find joy in small things, and we stoners have got that part down.

Finding Your Lost Herb

Nothing ruins a stoner’s day more than losing our herb. In contrast, nothing will make any stoner’s day more than finding some dank that was thought to be lost forever. I recently found some that I packed away for a road trip from over a year ago. This was pretty dank bud to begin with so it tasted only a little stale. Friends of mine used to love to hide nugs all around their house so that they would keep finding it, kind of like an Easter egg hunt.

Trying A New Strain

Like the way a wine connoisseur feels when he gets to try a new wine, there are few things that make any stoner’s day quite like trying a new strain for the first time, especially if the strain is super bomb. Why do you think budtender is at the top of the list of dream jobs for stoners? After you’ve been smoking for awhile you begin to develop a tolerance pretty quickly, so it’s always great to try new strains.

Finding Random Herb

For a stoner, finding random bud on the ground is the same as finding money, and just as rewarding. There was one time when I was walking across campus after taking a test, when I happened to find a rather large nug (it had to have been more than a gram) of some pretty dank bud. This is a case where even finding midgrade is a treat, because free weed is always good weed.

Smoking Out Of A New Piece

This one for me is a rare treat because when I buy new pieces, I typically spend a lot of money, so it only happens once a year. If you really want to make any stoner’s day, surprise us with a new piece, or invite us to smoke out of the one that you just got. That piece will never smoke quite the same way again after that first bowl.

That Morning Wake And Bake

People need different things for them to make it through the morning. Some people need coffee, others like to go jogging around the block and then perhaps some meditation. For us cannabis lovers, what really does it for us is the classic wake and bake, along with some strong coffee, of course. No matter how grumpy I am when I first wake up, the wake and bake always makes me feel so much better.

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As a stoner, what makes your day? Share in the comments!