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5 Strains to Help You Chase the Winter Blues Away

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Now that the excitement of the holidays has come and gone, the next couple months are looking pretty gray and dreary, especially for those of us who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, aka SAD, aka seasonal depression. SAD affects an estimated 10 million Americans, including myself. When I’m feeling the winter blues, these are the strains that I turn to.

Purple Kush

Like most of the Kush strains, Purple Kush is known for a long lasting, euphoric high. This combined with the gentle and relaxing body high indicas are known for will make you feel as though you are floating on a big fluffy cloud! This strain is especially helpful for depression induced insomnia (or really any kind of insomnia) and general restlessness.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of my favorite go-to strains for the winter blues, not just because the strain gives me a euphoric and almost dreamy high, but because it’s also an incredibly fun high. Fun is definitely what you want when dealing with seasonal depression, I can tell you. This strain always makes me feel as though I have wandered into a video game.

Super Sour Diesel

Super Sour Diesel is a cross between one of my favorite strains and one that I feel pretty ambivalent towards: Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel. The result makes for one super octane sativa! This strain is great for enhancing not only one’s mood, but their creativity too. It’s the perfect strain for doing fun projects when you’ve been cooped up inside during these dreary winter days.

Laughing Buddha

With a name like Laughing Buddha, how could this strain possibly be any more perfect for fighting off depression. As the name suggests, this strain is highly euphoric and will definitely cause you to burst into spontaneous giggling fits. If this does not sound like a good time to you, I would highly avoid trying Laughing Buddha. If on the other hand this sounds like a grand old time to you, you can probably find it at one of your local dispensaries.

Pineapple Express

No gathering of the most euphoric cannabis strains to help you chase the winter blues away would be complete without Pineapple Express. The popularity of this strain crosses over into the mainstream, thanks to the stoner comedy with Seth Rogen and James Franco. Pineapple Express is perpetually popular for a reason: it makes you feel quite literally like you’re on top of the world. This euphoric strain lifts you up, up, up, and into the stratosphere.

Really looking to tackle those winter blues? You can find all of these strains and more at!