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Which 5 States Will be the Last to Legalize Cannabis?

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Several states are looking to legalize cannabis next year in 2018, and I’m sure more will follow in 2020 (why not when there’s a chance that Trump might be president for another 4 years). New Jersey’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate has made legalizing cannabis one of his campaign promises. If you live in one of these states that are likely to legalize cannabis, then it’s time to rejoice (and make sure you get your ass to the voting booth). If you live in any of the following states, then you’re probably going to be waiting a bit. These states will be the last to legalize cannabis.

South Dakota

There is no doubt in my mind that South Dakota will be one of the last to legalize cannabis. Both times cannabis has ended up on the ballot it has been defeated. I’m talking about medical, not recreational. Voters in South Dakota don’t even want patients to have access to cannabis. Possession is still a misdemeanor there, and anything above 2 pounds is a felony.


Alabama is about as blood red as they come. The state is controlled from top to bottom by the Republican party. The infamous Jeff Sessions was the senior Senator in this state before he became the head of Trump’s Justice Department. Possession of any amount for personal use carries a year of jail time with a maximum 6000 fine. Possession of any amount for any other use is a felony. None of the state’s proposed medical cannabis ballot measures have ever passed. Sorry Alabama.


Kansas hates cannabis, so it makes sense that this state will be one of the last to legalize cannabis. Polls have shown that only 31 percent of the population supports legalization. The state is also happens to be controlled by one of the most hardcore GOP legislatures you’ve seen in the last century.


This lovely midwest state in the heart of Tornado Alley will probably be one of the last to legalize cannabis. This state is one of the last where possession has not yet been decriminalized. Possession of any amount remains a misdemeanor, while sale or distribution of any amount is a felony. This state is also heavily controlled by the Republicans, with members of the religious right packed into every level of government.


Idaho will most likely be the last to legalize cannabis. To date this is the only state where the legislature passed a resolution to ensure that no form of cannabis is ever legalized. The state has yet to get cannabis on the ballot. So far all attempts have fallen short. The state does have a couple shops that sell CBD oil, but that’s it. Idaho likes to say that it’s America as it was. That goes for the state’s cannabis laws too.

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Did we get it right? Which states do you think will be the last to legalize cannabis? Share with us!