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5 Situations Where It’s Better Not To Be Baked

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I know, I know. It’s always time to get baked. Cannabis makes our lives better in so many different ways. I’m smoking up right now because it helps with creativity. Though cannabis can make almost any situation better, there are some situations where it’s better not to be baked.

Before A Job Interview

Job interviews are the among the most important first impressions that you’ll have to make (other than perhaps meeting your girlfriend’s parents, which I’ll get to later). Job interviews require you to be on your game, so it’s probably better not to be baked out of your mind. It depends on the type of high person you are. If you’re the type who tends to have a hard time focusing on conversations, then you should probably put down the pipe until you get the job. Another thing to consider is that a lot of businesses still drug test, so coming into the office reeking of ganja would be a pretty definite tip-off to your interviewer.

Before Going To Court

This is probably the number one place where it would be better not to be baked. This goes double if you’re going to be speaking directly to a judge. Even if you’re going in for a minor traffic infraction, like a speeding ticket, just don’t do it. Courthouses are filled with what again? That’s right, cops. Any place where police happen to be is somewhere you should probably be on your best behavior, and that means being sober. Smoke up after you get out of court.

Meeting Your Significant Other’s Parents

Unless her parents are Cheech and Chong, it’s better not to be baked when you meet them for the first time. This is another one of those times where first impressions are everything. Though public opinion is increasingly pro-cannabis, that doesn’t mean that people are comfortable with having it right out in the open. If you find out later that they’re cool, then by all means, smoke up with them. There’s no bonding experience quite like smoking weed with someone’s parents.

At A Funeral

I would hope that this would be obvious, but funerals are probably places where it might be better not to be baked. It seems a little disrespectful, and you don’t want to suddenly burst out laughing during the middle of the service, or something like that. Cannabis is great for dealing with grief, so when it’s time for the reception I say go for it.

At An AA Meeting

This should seem pretty obvious, but I’ve known plenty of people who’ve shown up to AA meetings intoxicated. Again, this is pretty disrespectful to the people in attendance. Chances are if you’re going to an AA meeting intoxicated, then it’s probably part of a court order. If they kick you out for being high, then you won’t be able to get your attendance card signed. The same goes for any court ordered classes or community service. You probably shouldn’t be getting high if you’re doing that these things in the first place. 

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Where else would it be better not to be baked? Share in the comments!