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5 Reasons It’s Super Dank To Be A Stoner Sage

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There are reasons why it’s awesome to be a greenhorn, but to tell you the truth I don’t really miss those days. To me, it’s a lot more dank to be a sage. I had a lot of fun when I was a greenhorn, but I also felt overwhelmed with all of the stuff that I didn’t know. I didn’t like being a one hit wonder. I much prefer being the sage that I am now.

You Don’t Worry About Getting Too High

When you first started smoking herb, you were probably worried about getting too high and saying or doing something embarrassing. If you weren’t, then you’re either a super confident person, or you’re full of shit. The dope thing about being a sage is you know what to expect when you get high. You know exactly how to handle your smoke, and since your tolerance is a lot higher, worrying about getting too high is a thing of the past.

You’ve Got A Great Collection Of Pieces

Now that you’ve been smoking for years you’ve got a pretty great collection of pieces built up, don’t you? When you started out, you probably had to rely on borrowing a friend’s metal pipe, or you had to make your own. Now, you’ve got glass pipes for every day of the week, a good bong for parties and personals, a dab rig for when you’re feeling fancy, and a vape for toking on the town.

Knowledge Is Power

When you were a greenhorn you were probably asking questions constantly. The stoner world was a little overwhelming and it seemed like you were always trying to play catch up. Now that you’re a sage, your nug knowledge is vast and plentiful. You’re practically a sativa scholar. The great thing is that there is still so much that we are discovering about cannabis all the time. I love that I still learn new things about grass, despite the fact that I’ve been smoking for sixteen years now.

Greenhorns Look Up To You

When you’re a sage, other greenhorns look to you for advice and answers to their questions. I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy educating greenhorns on the subject of cannabis, whether it’s showing them how to smoke a pipe correctly, or teaching them about the origin of the bong. It’s like being a marijuana mentor.

You Learn How To Use Cannabis Properly

When I say using cannabis properly, I don’t mean like knowing how to smoke it. Everyone knows how to do that, and there’s only one way to smoke anyway. What I mean is that you know how to use cannabis to really benefit you, not just get you high. Allow me to elaborate. If you’re having issues with insomnia then you know that smoking a good indica will induce sleep almost instantly. If you know that you have a paper that you need to write, there’s nothing like a strong sativa to let the creativity flow.

I love being a sage. I have a killer collection of pieces and I know how to use them. I love that I know how to handle my high so I don’t overdo it. I’m the type of person that likes to be good at the things that I do and being a stoner is no different.

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