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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time With Synthetic Cannabis

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The first time I smoked spice I liked it, so I bought more of it and continued to use it. I couldn’t use cannabis at the time, so I was happy to have an alternative. I didn’t know anything about how it was made (no one really did at the time), I just figured it was a plant so it had to be okay, right? As I continued to use spice, I started getting terrible headaches and having anxiety attacks, so I stopped using it. It turns out that I got off lucky.

It’s Unsafe

The most important reason not to waste your time with synthetic cannabis is that it’s unsafe.
When spice first came out, It seemed like almost every day I was reading articles about people overdosing on spice and some people were even dying from it. Then spice in its original form was outlawed and you didn’t hear about it. Spice is now making a comeback, unfortunately. This past summer K2 made the news when 33 people in New York overdosed on it in one day. Reefer as we all know, has never killed anyone.

The Effect Is Not The Same

The effects (I refuse to call it a high) of synthetic cannabinoids like spice are nothing like the nice high you get off of the real thing. The first time I used spice I felt somewhat similar to the way that I did after smoking weed, so I kept using it. Then I started getting really bad headaches from it. Imagine the worst migraine headache you’ve ever gotten and you’ll know how I felt. To top it off I also began having panic attacks that were unlike any paranoia that I’d ever felt smoking weed. That was it for me, I never touched it again.

They’ll Put Anything In It

The chemicals they put in K2 keep changing because they keep getting outlawed. As soon as one form of spice was made illegal, another would pop up to take its place. I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at the ingredients on a package of spice, but it usually says something along the lines of “no illegal substances.” That’s good to know I guess, but there are plenty of substances that are legal and plenty bad for you. Rat poison for example is legal, but it will kill you.

It’s Pretty Expensive

As If all the other reasons weren’t bad enough, synthetic weed is also a huge waste of money. One gram cost me about $25. It was the most money I ever paid for a headache. Compare that to the amount that you normally pay for a bag and you can see that it’s a lot more expensive, and not worth it.

Some Synthetics Are Addictive

The consensus is that spice and K2 are extremely addictive. When people quit using it they tend to experience withdrawals, brief psychotic episodes, and sometimes even heart attacks. Not having weed sucks, but you’re not going to have a psychotic episode if you don’t have any. I have heard of people comparing spice withdrawal to opiate withdrawal, which does not sound like a good time to me.

Don’t waste your time with spice, K2, or other synthetic cannabinoids. It’s unsafe, you don’t know what’s in it, and it’s a huge waste of money. As far as the “high” goes, spice isn’t even in the same league as cannabis. Just stick to the real thing.

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Do you have any experience with synthetic cannabis? How did it affect you? Share in the comments!